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22 March 2021
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20.20 & 17.0
Android 7.0+

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WhatsApp Plus is a Extraordinary and Feature rich Customised Messeging App. Download latest Version of Whatsapp Plus Apk and Whatsapp+

Completely Change look of traditional Whatsapp app. You can Select from Samsung One UI, iOS UI or YoWA Style to Makeover your Whatsapp Messenger. You can also make Status like Instagram. To get development details Visit Xda

There are many variants of Whatsapp Plus are available on the internet. At ApkPosts we will provide you only Official Apk. You can also try official version of GBWhatsapp Pro for Android. To use this app uninstall all Whatsapp Varients from your Phone. If this version not working on your device then try alternative Varient by OGMods.

WhatsApp Plus allow to view Deleted messages by Antirevoke message feature. To enable Anti revoke messages go to Plus Settings and Select Privacy and Security Section. Scroll down and enable ‘Anti-delete Messages’. You can also enable ‘Anti-delete Status’ to view Deleted Status Videos and Photos. It also Supports Newly introduced Whatsapp Payments.

WhatsApp Plus Latest APK controls

WhatsApp Calls can be managed with the Whatsapp+ app. To filter WA Calls Go to Plus Settings and Select Privacy and Security Section.You can filter Calls from Everyone, Nobody, My Contacts or Selected Contacts. Also it is possible to manage Video Calls.

WhatsApp Plus Latest APK controls
Call Settings

Main Features of Whatsapp Plus

Simplified Interface: Whatsapp plus Developers are focusing on Easy to learn and intuitive interface. They have Separated Chats Tab and Groups Tab for simple user interface. Separate Chats and Groups are easy to access and manage.

WhatsApp Lock: Whatsapp Plus take care of your privacy by locking your private Chats. You can lock Whatsapp Plus app or individual Chats. To turn on this feature Go to Privacy and Security Section in Plus Settings and Select Preferred lock method. You can lock it using Pattern, Pin or Fingerprint.

WhatsApp Plus Latest APK controls

Status Download: Want to download others Status, Whatsapp Plus app allows you to download your friends status. Video Status and Image Status can be downloaded in a single click.

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Blue Theme: Whatsapp doesn’t allow Colors Change, it offer a Classic Greenish theme for everyone. WhatsApp Plus come with a Fresh Blue design and various colour customisation options. Download Whatsapp Plus apk to get this feature.

Individual Chats Customisation: In this app individual Chats can also be managed easily. Click on any Profile and Choose your preferred options. You can enable disappearing messages, Call filters and much more. You can also manage Privacy options like Hide Online Status, hide typing, hide blue tick, hide double tick and hide Status View of any individual Contact. Worried about Security of this chat? enable Whatsapp Lock for this Contact Chat.

WhatsApp Plus Latest APK controls

Contact Online Notifications: Whatsapp plus notify everytime whenever a contact come Online. You can enable it for any individual Contact. To disable it Go to Plus Settings and Select Home Screen option. Scroll down and Select your preferred option as shown in fig.

WhatsApp Plus Latest APK controls

Directly Message a Unknown Number: Sending messages to new numbers is difficult in Whatsapp. First you need to save that number in your Phone. WhatsApp Plus make it easy for you by allowing sending messages to any number directly without Saving it in Contacts. To use this feature Select ‘Message a Number’ from top right Menu.,

WhatsApp Plus Latest APK controls

Backup and Restore: You can Backup all your Whatsapp data including Chats, Groups, Themes and Settings using this app. Make sure you have a backup of your Messages before installing any Whatsapp Mod App.

More About Whatsapp Plus App

This version of the WhatsApp Plusis based on the version This is a unofficial Varient of Whatsapp Instant Messenger. Latest Version 10.00 Whatsapp Plus Apk Download for Android. Currently this app is Downloaded by more than 100 million users Worldwide.

WhatsApp Plus for iOS and Windows

There is Similar app called Whatsapp++ is available for iOS. WhatsApp Plus is Currently not available for iOS, Windows and Mac devices. It is only available for Android Devices. However you can use it on Mac and Windows devices using Android Emulators.

FAQs About Whatsapp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is Legal?

WhatsApp Plus is unofficial Varient of Whatsapp, hence it’s not legal. But as it is developed by trusted developer Whatsapp Plus is Safe and Secure app.

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How to Download Whatsapp Plus?

You can download Whatsapp Plus from many Websites on the Internet. To Download Official Secure Version of Whatsapp Plus from here.

Can I Install Whatsapp Plus from Play Store?

No you can’t. As it is a unofficial modified app Play Store Policy doesn’t allow it.

WhatsApp Plus Apk is Safe?

In Whatsapp Plus only String Files are modified by the Developers, It use servers of Official Whatsapp hence it is Safe to use. But as it is a modified app use it at your risk.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Whatsapp Plus


  • Separate Groups and Chats
  • Safe and Secure Chatting using Pattern and Fingerprint Lock.
  • WhatsApp Payments Support.
  • Hide Online and Last Seen Status
  • View Deleted Status and Messages
  • Simple Interface


  • Not an Official App
  • No Regular and Auto updates
  • No GDrive Backup

What’s New

  • New warning message is added when starting DND mode to Stop Accidental DND activation.
  • New Settings tab to change colours of Main and Chat screen by Changing default theme.
  • Hide Status View in Privacy Settings
  • Design and use your own Customized theme.
  • added Theme Backup and restore
  • Set Your name at top bar
  • Set Contacts Profile Picture as Background.
  • Status Downloading error fixed.
  • Stickers and emojis in Photo
  • Contact online notification not showing error is fixed.
  • New Airplane mode is added to disable all message
  • Added – Preview of Themes, Colours and Styles.
  • Hidden chat showing in forward window error fixed.
  • Status Download and App Crashing issue solved
  • WhatsApp Payments Support Added

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Plus Apk

  • Click on the Download button above and Download latest version of WhatsApp Plus Apk.
  • Allow Install App from this Source in your Settings.
  • Backup and Uninstall Previous Versions of GB Whatsapp and WhatsApp Plus
  • Now Install this downloaded apk file.
  • Go to Settings> Apps> Whatsapp and allow all the necessary permission to use the app.
  • Login in Whatsapp using your mobile number end OTP sent to Your number.
  • In Next Step enter your name and Attach a Profile Picture.
  • Make Your Preferred Changes in Plus Settings and start using it.