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NameToy Army
Apk Packagecom.magicgames.toyarmydrawdefense
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Nuke and Dome
DeveloperLion Studios

Toy Army : Defence your Castle from enemy forces. Draw around the Castle to deploy your troops and weapons. Download Toy Army mod apk for Android.

Toy Army draw defence is a minimalist tower defence game for Android. Defend your Castle from annoying minion forces. Both sides will have a different coloured troops and Armour. Not only minion troops you’ll need to secure your castle from enemy Tanks, Robots, Nuclear and Laser Weapons. Use Advanced weapons like Nuclear Missiles, Fire guns to destroy enemies.

Toy Army : Draw Defence MOD Apk

This game is developed by Lion Studios, a well known Arcade Game developer. Defeat Vicious minions using strategy and Armour. Upgrade your all weapons, troops, tanks to get ready for a massive battle.

Story and GamePlay

A Massive Minion Army is marching towards the Castle. It have Tanks, Trucks, Nuclear Weapons and Automatic robots in their army. You are the Commander of Castle Army and your Castle is in trouble.

Initially you only have few troops and basic weaponry. Hire rare units for battle reinforcement. Use your skills to manage, deploy, attack and move troops and Armour. Intelligent decision making is the only way to survive against powerful enemies. Form Strategy and Command your troops and defeat enemy troops.

Draw over the Screen around the Castle where you want to deploy your troops. A red alert will be shown by radar system before entry of enemy squads. Deploy troops in alerted direction to get ready before attack. Do not deploy all troops in one direction, otherwise enemies can easily enter in Castle from other directions.

Intensity of the attacks increases with levels. Nuclear Attacks , Laser Attacks are the most destructive attacks for your Castle. Form a localised Strategy to defend from such attacks. You can also use your advanced weapons like Missiles with nuclear Warhead and Hammer to destroy them in Single Click.

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Main Features

Draw to Deploy

Android gamers who have already played many Castle defence game know how Difficult to deploy your troops against enemies. Toy Army is different from other in troops management. This is the simplest game in which even kids can easily form Strategy against enemies. You’ll need to just draw around the Castle to deploy your troops. Draw in alert direction to deploy your forces against enemy squads.

Defend from Boss Attacks

Upgrade your troops, guns, fire guns to be ready for the Boss Attacks. After every 5 Levels there will be a huge Boss attack. During Boss attacks you have to defend your Castle from Powerful Bosses like Elephant, Robots, Mega Tanks.

Hundreds of Challenging Levels

As a Castle Commander your duty is form a strategy to stop enemy squads entering into the Castle. Enemy troops doesn’t attack once, they attack in a series of squads. Each Squad have 20-30 fighters or a bunch of tanks. Intensity of enemy attacks increases level by level.

Toy Army : Draw Defence MOD Apk

In initial levels Enemy Squads attack only have few fighters. So it is easy to stop them before entering into the Castle. In Higher levels with troops tank troops also try to enter in Castle. Also after each five levels Boss attack will be there.

Colourful Troops and Regulated troops movement

Toy Army is designed carefully with kids in mind. Our Toy Army have Colourful troops and dengerous fire guns. Troops movement is smartly regulated by the developers. Your troops will automatically move towards the enemy to defend the Castle.

Toy Army : Draw Defence MOD Apk

Download Toy Army mod Apk download for Android

Play Toy Army Game and save your Castle from deadly minion attacks. This is modified game with unlimited coins and characters unlocked. With Easy Controls and realistic Graphics kids can easily Play this Strategy game. Download latest Toy Army mod APK from above download link.

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