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Report this app is a map based strategy game for Android Smartphones. Expand your empire by capturing neighbouring States. Download Unlocked mod apk for Android.

There are many complex strategy games like Castle War, Island War are already available for Android. Casual Azure Game a Popular Android games developer has developed a map based simple Strategy game. This game doesn’t have any wars or complex graphics it only have colourful state maps.

What is

Expand your state by conquering nearby states in mobile game. To capture a state you must have a well equipped military personnel more than the state you want to capture. Don’t stop until you conquer all the states in the map to win the game. All the participating players will have different colours for easy identification. MOD APK (Ad-free) controls

To win a a contest you have to conquer all the states shown on the current map. There will be multiple players in a game. A player who conquer all states at same time will win the game. Win all maps one by one to control all states in
the world.

Story and gameplay

In ancient time many kings created there huge empires. Some of them remained for centuries. This king always tried to expand their empires. “Biggest is the Greatest” is is a famous quote by a popular military strategist of Alexander the great. Military is the backbone of any empire. Strong empires those conquered huge land used to have a great army. defines modern version of empire expansion strategies. In State io time is deciding factor. All the states will increase their military with the time. If a state reached at 50 points, then they will automatically stop military expansion. To avoid this attack on states with less military force.

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To attack on a neighbouring state drag the army circle from your state to the enemy state. Troops movement speed depends upon the distance between two states. To expand your control move your troops before it reaches to 50 points. If a enemy state attack on your state then launch attack on that same enemy state from your other state.

It is difficult to recapture a state after loosing it. It is better to defend it . To be a successful Statesman launch attacks on multiple states at the same time and completely destroy them.

Main Features of

A Pure Strategic Gaming Masterpiece is all about War Strategy. To win this you should follow intelligent strategic methods to manage your forces. There number of intelligent enemies are playing against you. Troops Movement, Distance between the States, Time require to move troops are key factors in this brilliant game.

There will be no alies in the War. Every Player is trying to conquer the world. To be successful in the War don’t attack on the powerful state. Always try to find out a state with tiny military. Don’t attack on state located far away from you until necessary to avoid loss of men’s. If your troops caught in War between two other states, then there will be a huge loss without reason. MOD APK (Ad-free) controls

Conquer the World

In player’s task is conquer the world by winning states one by one. Start your war campaign from South America. In each level you have to win a half of the continent approximately. After each successful continent victory you will unlock a colour as compliment. After Winning all the states in South America March towards the North to conquer north America.

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South and North American missions are easier than the upcoming missions in Africa and Asia. In Africa, already some powerful states have various base in the eastern region. To conquer Africa you have to use advanced strategies to fight against powerful states. Initially don’t attack on powerful states. After you’re grown to a competitive number then capture them one by one. MOD APK (Ad-free) controls

Battles in Asia and Europe will be toughest one in game. In Asia and Europe there are many Powerful States emerged in last days. They are having a huge standing army. You will need to have patience to play in Asia and Europe. Try to avoid battles with big forces to remain in the game. Build a strong army in your base state before attempting against a powerful state.

Colourful Maps and Symbolic Wars

Clear Gameplay, Colourful Maps and Symbolic Wars makes more productive and enjoyable game. Every Player will have a colour for all its controlled states. These colours are helpful in enemy state identification. Players can have thier own preferred colour in mod apk. MOD APK (Ad-free) controls

World Map is divided into main regions. A separate map is provided to understand current control. Other game elements such as Troops movement, Military Expansion and Wars are symbolic which makes a pure strategy game.

Download latest version of apk mod for Android is a simplified war strategy game for Android devices . This game is based on the Java Version of ‘The WAR’ the game. Establish control over the entire world by capturing all states one by one. Make a attacking strategy to conquer powerful states. Download latest version of game for Android.