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Did you ever played the Snake game on old Nokia Phones, yes then this game is made for you. Download latest version of game mod apk for Android.

Snake io is modern version of Classic addictive Snake game for Android devices. You can play this game with other online Players. Kill all other Snakes and be the Last Snake 🤣 Standing.

This game is originally made as a online Game, Now developers of the game developed game for Android devices. This game is easy to play on Smartphones with touchscreen controls. There are many colourful snakes are also available in the game. MOD APK

There are thousands of people still interested in playing Classic Snake game. They are now happy to Play Modern game. There are little difference in than the Snake game. Fight with other online players and beat them all to win the game.

There snakes can eat other dead snake. As much as you eat other Snakes, you will become bigger. To eat a Snake kill it first and eat by taking a reverse turn. You can also try similar and games for more fun.

Interface and Controls have a simple interface and intuitive design. On main page you can find options like Settings, Best Score, Change Skin and Online Community. Play button is located at the centre of the Screen.

You can control Snake by using Joystick located at left side of the Screen. move the Joystick ball to turn your Snake. To increase speed of your snake press and hold right side button on screen. If you don’t like these button controls then change in settings. MOD APK

This game is can be played offline also. In offline game your opponents are Computers AI Snakes. If you are out network area then automatically game shifts to the offline mode.

There are three types of controls available to select. Joystick, Arrow and Follow Controls are available for both right and left handed gamers.In Settings you can Turn music on or off. You can also choose your preferred language from settings. Score Leaderboard can accessed from options.

Set your name for online You can set or change from top of the main screen. If you have any difficulty to play this game check game tutorial. You can find game tutorial at Settings> Tutorial.


If you are played this game earlier, then you can easily understand this game. To Start the game Click at Play button on the centre of the Screen. At the beginning your Snake is size. Collect coloured dots to grow up your snake.

Other online players also have their Snake in mod game. You need to kill them before they kill you to win the game. Dodge from big anaconda snakes to save yourself. MOD APK

Make other snakes crash on your body to kill them. After killing a snake collect remaining coloured dots to increase your Snake’s size. If you crash on other Snake’s body then your snake will die.

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Grow your snake as much as possible by collecting coloured dots. Make him huge like anaconda and Cobra. Eat them all and kill all opponent Snakes to win game. It is not a easy task, as your Snake become bigger and bigger it is difficult to dodge him from other Snakes.

There are 10 online Players in one game. Those who are already are in the game have bigger snakes and new players will have small snakes. As the game begins dead snake Players will out from the game.

If your Snake Crashes on other Snake’s body then you can Start again from beginning. You can try again and again to reach top position in the live Leaderboard. MOD APK

Live top 10 Players of are always shown at the Right Top Corner of the Screen.

Main Features

Classic Snake Game

This game is inspired from Classic Snake Game. In that game you didn’t let your snake touch borders or own body. There was a only one Snake in that game, but in game there are many Snakes are present at a time. Each Snake is controlled by one online Player.

Three Control Types

You can control snake by using three different control types. Joystick control is set by default. You can also use arrows control or touch and follow snake.

For Everyone

This is a very interesting but Simple Game. Almost anyone can easily play this game. Kids also love to play this easy and brain friendly game. There is no special tutorial is necessary to play this game.

Live Leaderboard

As this is a online game it is difficult to understand whether you are winning or not. You can see you position on leaderboard. Those who have 10 bigger Snakes they are visible in the table. If you have biggest anaconda then you can top the table.

Colourful Snakes

This game doesn’t have a black and white Classic Snake. It have multiple colourful snakes. You can unlock these snakes for more enjoyment. Each Snake have its own speed. Faster snakes are difficult to handle.

Online Gaming

You can play this game with online players around the world. Everyone has its own Snake. Each player can participate multiple times in same game. mod apk also work well with on slower network connections.

Download Game mod APK For Android

Download and play Classic Snake game in modern avtar. Snake io game is developed by Kooapps games. This is modified game with all colourful snakes unlocked. Make a Strategy to Kill other Snakes to win the game. is a easy game, Kids can also play this game. Download latest APK 1.16.46 from above download link.

Installation Procedure

  • Download mod apk from ApkPosts.
  • Allow Installation of unknown apps from Settings in Android Smartphone.
  • Now open and Install apk file.
  • Allow All the necessary permission to use the game.
  • Open game and Click on Play to start playing.

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