Sandes Apk 2.1.3 Indian Instant Messenger Official App Download

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Sandes APK

Version: 2.1.3 | Size: 29MB

Sandes is a Instant Messenger app developed by Government of India for Indian Citizens. Download Sandes APK 2.1.3 latest version for Android.

Government Instant Messaging System (GIMS) is a messaging platform for Instant Communication for both Government and Public users.

GIMS provides a Mobile App for Instant Messaging and a Portal for Administration and Dashboard services. GIMS can be customized to manage the various types of messaging and other forms of communications in different Government Organizations. GIMS can be adapted by both Central and State Government Organizations for intra and inter organization communication. GIMS Mobile App can be downloaded from the Download Centre of GIMS Portal ( The Portal provides facilities for the onboarding of various Government Organizations, Organization Units and Employees.

After login, user needs to allow phone permissions for GIMS to access functionalities such as taking picture and recording the video, recording the audio, accessing the contacts, making and managing phone calls, accessing photos, media and files on user’s device

User can add the phone book contacts in GIMS by tapping Sync Now User may also sync the phone book again periodically to sync any newly registered contacts from Settings>Manage Contact. Option is also provided to add a contact using email id/mobile number.

After login, user will be navigated to the main screen. Tap on Chats to view recent chats of the user Tap on Groups to view group list of the user Tap on Contacts to view GIMS contact list of the userThe Chats tab displays user’s recent chat conversations. Start an individual conversation by tapping on a chat thread. All the chats are End- to-End Encrypted. Type a message and tap to send it

Contacts The Contacts tab will display Contacts of the user who are registered on GIMS. Search for a contact by name using the search option provided. Tap on a contact to start a one-to-one personal chat. Favourite contacts are displayed on the top of other contacts with a star indication

Removing Contact Favourite Contact

ontact button in the filesharing control can be used to select and share contact. Tapping on the Contact icon will open the contact list. By selecting the contact from the list, a preview will be displayed to the user. Tap on Camera Option to capture an Image and then share it User can use this option to share any

Remove from Favourite A user can be removed from the contact list by hard pressing on the contact Favourite contacts are displayed on the top of other contacts with a star indication. User can hard press on the Contact and choose ‘Make Favourite’ to mark contact as favourite User can hard press on the Contact and choose ‘Remove Favourite’ to remove contact from favourite.

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