Rescue Cut Mod APK (Unlimited/Unlocked)

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ITI inc.
Dec 14, 2023
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NameRescue Cut
Mod FeaturesUnlocked All levels
DevelopersITI Inc.

Download and Play Rescue Cut game for Android. Rescue Cut mod apk is a Survival Puzzle game. Rescue a boy from a deadly prison.

There are many brain teaser games are available for Android. A Basic rule of a good Puzzle game is Easy Controls, Simple Gameplay and Challenging Puzzles. Rescue Cut follow this basic rule with a impressive gameplay. Not only adults but also Kids can understand and play this rope puzzle game. In this game you have to rescue your task is to rescue hero from various deadly situations in a prison. Cut all ropes in proper sequence to safely rescue him

A man needs your help. He is caught in a room and tied up with a rope. To release him cut rope in a sequence. In Skin Section you customise appearance of the hero. In Rescue Cut mod Apk you will get unlimited Coins and Unlocked Levels and Characters. Use your skills to overcome all challenges and get him to the exit door. Additionally You can play interesting cat rescue puzzles in this game.

Story and GamePlay

A man is kidnapped by a Gangster and tied him to the roof of prison with a rope. Gangster doesn’t want to release him in any condition. To rescue this man you have to kill Gangster first, otherwise gangster will kill him. Also there are many other obstructions like Tiger, Knives, heavy load, Crocodiles in the prison. To release him you’ll need a proper strategy. Cut the rope in sequence to overcome all challenges to safely rescue this man. Just swipe from left to right to cut the rope. Difficulty of puzzles increases level by level.

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There are total three modes in the game. In Rescue Cut cat mode A Cute Cat is caught by Gangster and placed in a prison. To save this Cat you have to Cut the rope to overcome all challenges including the gangster. Eliminate Gangster, Tiger, Crocodile and Dog to save and release Cat.

Main Features

Three Modes in One Game

Rescue Cut Puzzles game contains three different modes. Each of these features different characters and Gameplay. In Rescue Cut Classic mode A man is tied up with a rope by a Gangster. Your Task is to rescue him safely by cutting ropes in sequence.

In Cat Rescue mode you have to help cats to escape from prison of the Gangster. These mode have both Prison and Ropes in every level. Obstacles in this mode are different than classic mode. There may be multiple cat locked in a single level.

Third mode unlock after successfully completing 64 Levels in Cat Rescue mode. VS mode have two different characters. Both are trying to kill each other. Solve Puzzles to rescue both. More modes will be added in the game in upcoming days.

Colourful and Animated Characters

Rescue Cut game have a collection of Characters for all three Modes. First and Last mode have different colourful human characters. In Rescue Cat mode Red and Black cats are available. Other than main characters other Characters are also important in this game. Gangster, Dogs and other obstacles are also designed carefully.

All these Characters have appropriate motion and appearance. Movement of Cat, Dogs, Crocodiles feels realistic. To solve these puzzles follow basic physics rules.

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A Series Brain Teasers

Rescue Cut is a Real Life story based puzzles game. It have a collection of challenging puzzles. It is designed for all age groups. The basic story of the all levels is same. You have to release a man from gangster. But All levels have different Ropes, Distractions and Characters.

All three modes have different set of Puzzles. Initial levels in all modes are easy to solve. In higher levels difficulty level increases. There is no hint features available, therefore it is difficult to solve hard levels. In Rescue Cut mod version all levels are Unlocked. You can play any random level without solving previous levels.

Download Rescue Cut mod Apk for Android

Play Rescue Game on your Phone and help others to escape from prison of a Gangster. Cut the rope in sequence to solve challenging puzzles. This is modified game with unlimited coins and characters unlocked. Download latest Rescue Cut mod APK for Android