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Project QT is Animated Cartoon based action game where you can use your skills to fight with opponents. Download latest version of Project QT mod APK for Android. Make a squad of monster girls to fight with infected

Want to play fantasy game, then you must try Project QT. It is a Online Multiplayer action game where you can use various tricks to destroy enemies of the human beings. Make a hot girls squad to fight with elian monsters.

Project QT (Unlimited) MOD APK

To fight with online opponents you have to make girls ready with ultimate skills. Your girls are there to help you. Upgrade girls power using unlimited coins to survive. These Puzzles are similar to the Candy Crush techniques. You need to wait for your turn to use weapons. Unlock powerful girls in your journey by solving various puzzles. These girls have special powers over other enemies.

Join the Similar Colored boxes to increase power of girl fighters. These coloured dots contains hidden powerful weapons. Unlock them to use against enemies. You may notice that all the anime characters are asian. This is because this game is designed by a Korean developer.

Project QT (Unlimited) MOD APK

Minimum Requirements

To install this game, a device with Android 6.0+ and minimum 3GB RAM is required for a uninterrupted gameplay. Also you need to allow Storage Permission to save game data and progress. Other minor permission such as Volume Control and Vibration Control are also necessary for fluent gameplay.

You need to create a new account on Project QT to play this game. After login you will be asked to download game data 650MB from internet. To download this data allow WiFi and Internet access. Also to play this online game you need a Stable Internet Connection.

Story and GamePlay

Project QT is a animated Puzzle and Action game. It is based on a Supernatural event in the universe. A bunch of virus infected girls are trying to enter in our planet. If these girls come in contact with humans, then these people also get infected. Your aim is to make a team of powerful girls to kill infected monster girls. You can play combined Puzzle and actions to fight with monsters. To solve puzzles connect 3 or more similar runes.

This game is designed by a well known anime characters designer Nutaku. He used his specialities to develop this animated graphics game. Basically these cartoon characters are based on the real life players.

There are levels and chapters for each players. Each chapter contains 10 stages. When you complete a chapter next chapter will automatically Unlocks. If you stuck at any stage try to upgrade your characters.

After completing each state in a chapter you will be allocated Stars based on your performance. If you get more than 3 stars then you can win bonus chest. Use collected diamonds to unlock new girls

Collect and Upgrade 20 Girls Squad

Collect more than 20 animated girls and train them to upgrade from 1 star to 5 stars. Each start will change their appearance. Win exciting action matches to level up their skills. Promote your girls by analysing their skills and experience. Promotion gives massive boost to your girls performance. You can win new characters by winning more matches.

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Camille, Clara, Christina, Haley and Freya are the beautiful and most popular girl characters in Project QT mod. Luna, Juliana, Lucy, Venus, Erica, Sarah, Taylor have special powers to easily kill opponents. So make sure you have promoted them into your team.

Test Loyalty of monster girls. To improve loyalty promote them and increase stars. Play and win more n more to unlock more girls. Make a 3 girls squad for upcoming matches. Select most powerful and loyal girls in your squad. You can also buy monthly package to unlock more characters.

Combined Puzzle and Action Gameplay

You can help your girls by solving puzzles during the combat. Connect 3 or more similar Runes to damage infected enemies. The more Runes you connect more damage will be done to the opponents. You can know enemies power by long pressing chibi.

These Puzzles are similar to the Candy Crush Puzzles. Bombs and Weapons are hidden in these runes. If you connect 3 runes including a bomb then your girls will fire a bomb on your opponent girls. Other powerups like mega destroyer are also there to combat.

Project QT (Unlimited) MOD APK

Play With Online Friends

You can manage, upgrade all characters with your friends. In Friends Section you can add upto 20 friends. To add a friend click on Search for friends and select friends. You can also search for your friends to play with them. Also accept friend request by other players around the world.

Online events are updated on every week. Participate in this special events to win more diamonds and rewards. If you won a weekly event then you can skip one chapter.

Project QT Shop

Project QT features a Simplified store to buy essential elements. You can get new monster girls, their outputs and weapons in the shop. Use your Coins to buy monthly cards. A separate Gem shop is their to buy a bunch of gems for your girls.

Upgrade your Worries by new weapons and ammunition. These weapons can be used to kill in batch during a battle. Connect 4 ruins to fire weapons on enemies.

Rewards and Daily Gifts

If you are a regular Project QT players, then you can get daily Diamond bonus and gifts. These gifts may include weapons, ammunition and outfits. To get daily gifts you need to login once in a day.

You can also get premium monster girls by winning a stage in a Chapter. Earn five stars in a battle to get premium rewards. Weekly rewards are also there for selected Players.

Project QT (Unlimited) MOD APK

Auto and Semi Auto mode

If are busy and still wants to play this game then you can use inbuilt automation feature. Two modes Auto and Semi-automatic are available in puzzle battles. Auto mode will automatically solve puzzles using advanced AI. Also you want to interfere in automatic mode then use Semi Auto mode.

MOD Features

This mod include unlimited diamonds which can be used to upgrade your girls. Also upgrade stars to promote them. Unveil exciting outfits for your team members.

Download Project QT mod APK

Project QT Game is a Anime action game Designed by . Select a team of girls to fight with infected opponents. Kill them to save humanity. Use powerful features of the girls to manipulate monsters. Download latest version of Project QT for Android.

Kids requires parents assistance to play this game. This is a free to play game but to buy several game elements you may asked buy. Download mod apk to play with unlimited access to all premium elements in the game.

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