Monster Legends APK MOD Unlimited Money, Gold

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Monster Legends is a Action Packed Strategy Game for Android. Create mega Monsters and fight with the enemies with Monster Legends Unlimited MOD Apk.

Get ready your Monsters for Battle with enemies. Breed your own monsters to make powerful species. Your opponents are also trying hard to create a Monster Legend. These Monsters very Powerful with special powers. In RPG games most important thing is expansion of base. To expand more generate more monsters.

You can play with online players around the world. There are hundreds of Monsters available to select. Each monster have its own capabilities. If you want to beat your enemy then buy eggs of green Dinosaur. Feed them to make powerful. You can cultivate fruits and vegetables in your farm for monsters food. Speed up food production to grow your monster faster than others. This is game is similar to City Island game. Where you need to build cities.

Monster Legends APK MOD Unlimited Money, Gold gameplay

To Create a army of Monsters Create Habits, Farms, Runes, Buildings, Decore and Islands. Grow food in farms to feed our Monster Legends. Together all these structures will become a base for upcoming battles. To create more monsters breed them each other and make a Powerful Army of Monsters.

Minimum Requirements

As this is a Multiplayer RPG game you’ll need internet connection to fight with other monsters. Allow WiFi Access and Mobile Internet Permission. To save game progress please allow Internal and SD card Storage access.

Also this game have heavy graphics so certain hardware capabilities is required for smooth gameplay. A Android device with Android 6.0+ OS and Minimum 3GB of RAM is required to play this game. Other permissions such as Vibration Control and Run at startup are also necessary.

Story and GamePlay

Follow instructions of Pandal, a Master of Monsters to get going. Build a habitat for free from the shop. And Place a Dianasore Monster Egg in the Habitat. To grow these Monsters feed them. Your Monsters are now ready to rock.

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Monster Legends APK MOD Unlimited Money, Gold gameplay
Monster Legends APK MOD Unlimited Money, Gold gameplay

In initial levels go as per the instructions of Pandalf. Buy one habitat for survival of a Dinosour. Now buy one Egg of Dinosaur and place it in habitat. When a Dinosour baby born in habitat feed it to grow faster. To expand add Farms, Buildings and Islands in your base.

Train your monsters, Complete given tasks to level up your monsters. Equip them with powerful weapons to upgrade their skills. If you don’t make them capable then they will not able to battle with Legendary Monsters. This Unlimited MOD version of Monster Legend have many Tomatoes, Wood and Diamonds for free.

Make a team of selected monsters to battle with opponents. Make a balanced combination of attackers, defenders, tanks in your team. Take your monsters into opponents bases to fight with them. Win these legendary battles to win rewards. Join with your friends to fight together to destroy mega Monsters. As you beat your enemies your monsters will be upgraded to the next level.

Interface and Controls

This game is designed for 7+ age players, hence developers have tried to keep interface kids friendly. All the monsters are easily accessible from the shop. All the Monsters have really interesting looks, which will attract many kids.

Stunning Graphics and Joyful Music further enhances battle with monsters. 3D battles and giant monsters are the key points of this entertaining game. Sounds during the battles will force you to feel like you’re in a mega battle.

Monster Legends APK MOD Unlimited Money, Gold gameplay

During the Battle all the moves are animated to create more realistic battles. Lightning and Fire Graphics are adding more joy in the gameplay. Forest and Habitat view is also have simple controls to move elements and adding new elements. In Shop section you can buy eggs or ready monsters. Ruines, Building, islands are also available in Shop. You can control monsters using buttons during the Battle.

Main Features

Multiplayer: Play With Players around the world

Monster Legends Mod is a multiplayer RPG game. Build your army and battle with other online monster armies. There are maps provided for selection of opponents. Join with other monster teams to battle with multiple opponents. Play Online League and reach at top of the leaderboard. You can also chat with your teammates to make strategy and transfer each others monsters.

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Build a Safe Habitat for Monsters

History tells us that monsters were not only powerful but also they were intelligent enough to survive on the planet. As the climate changed these monsters were disappeared from our planet. Now you can create a safe Habitat to live these monsters.

Monster Legends APK MOD Unlimited Money, Gold gameplay

In Monster Legends game You have your Space where you can add habitat and farms for their food. You can also add helpers, Building, Runes, Decore to train these monsters. Add eggs of various monsters in this safe Habitat. Allow them to born and Provide enough food so that they can survive. Building around the habitat can be used to stay helpers and trainers.

Create Hundreds of Monster Legends by Breeding

Unique feature of this RPG action game is breeding. You can create multiple varieties of a single monster by breeding them with other monsters. Otherwise you can directly buy one Egg of Treezard, Tou Tau, Donaturtle or Rudicious to put in your Habitat. Monsters like Tarzape, Vixsun, Sheluke, Pandaken,Utochamp are very Powerful. They have special powers like lightning and fire to kill opponents in a single turn.

To create new powerful species breed Pandaken with Tarzape or Rudicious with Sheluke. If you breed these monsters together then new monster will have powerful features from both parent monsters. Newly born baby monster is capable of becoming a Monster Legend.

There legendary monsters are powerful than the normal monsters. Add them in your base. Feed them to get ready for the Battle. These Legends can also found in Gift boxes and rewards.

Monster Legends APK MOD Unlimited Money, Gold gameplay

MOD Features

To beat mega monsters you’ll need special powers. These powers are not easily accessible. You can get all these in Monster Legends MOD APK. Unlimited Diamonds, Woods and Foods are provided with this mod. This app also avails ad-free experience for uninterrupted gameplay.

Download Monster Legends Mod Apk for Android

Monster Legends game is developed by Special Points. Born, Grow and Train your monsters to get ready for the Battle with Monster Legends around the world.  Download this mod game and Play with millions of online players around the world.