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Android 7.0

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NameLudo King
Size52.4 MB
APK Packagecom.ludo.king
MOD FeaturesNo Ads, Unlimited Coins

Ludo King is a popular 4 Player Board game for Android. It is a modern version of Classic Ludo Board game. Download Ludo King MOD APK latest version for Android.

This is a simple, easy, Short game. It is a nice option for mood refresh and timepass with distanced friends. Have fun with your kids, friends and family with this all in one entertainer. There are no age limits to play this amazing game.

Ludo King APK (Unlimited) MOD settings

If you want to download modified version of Ludo King Game then you are at right place. Ludo game is mostly based on your luck. This mod apk let you win always when you play offline with your friends. Kids can play Snake-ladder game in same app, no need to download any other games.

During recent lockdown days this game become India’s most popular mobile game. Ludo King is the first game which have crossed 500 million downloads on the Play Store. Still it is most popular game in various countries.

Ludo King Game Rules

Ludo Game can be played by Two, Three or Four players in a single game. There is also a Six Player Board is available in Ludo King new APK.

In Ludo King each player have 4 tokens and a corner of same colour in the board. Classic 4 Player Board is Square with 4 different colours.

There is a rolling Dice numbered from 1 to 6. All players will get one by one chance to roll the dice. If you got 6 number or you killed enemies in one turn then you will get one more turn to roll the dice.

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To Start your tokens movement you need to get a six on the dice. Move your tokens through squares in clockwise direction along the track. Kill other player tokens by matching their token squares.

Your tokens will get full safety in Colour and Star squares. Enter all your tokens in Central finishing square before other players to win the game.


Ludo King have most simplified interface than other popular Ludo games. Ludo King MOD APK’s main screen shows you all modes available in the game. Your Profile icon is located at top left corner of the screen. Your coins and diamond numbers are shown at top of the page.

All the Four Game Modes are at the Centre of the Screen. Interface during the gameplay is also simplified for normal users. Next steps are notified with arrows.

To play Ludo with your local friends and Computer (Robot) there is no Internet Connection required. You can also try newly introduced 6 player board. If you are 5 or 6 players then instead of using Classes 4 Player Board use 6 Player Board.

Ludo King Game Modes

1) Play Online: You can play Ludo with online players around the world. To play online you must have a active Internet Connection. You can select Color and no of players from 2 to 6. To enter in the online game some Coins are necessary. As this is a very popular game many online players are always available to play.

2) Computer (AI): In this modes your opponents are Computers (Artificial Intelligence) not humans. You can play vs Computer without internet connection. But In this mode you can play against only 2 to 4 Players. 6 Players board is not available in this mode.

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3) Play With Friends: This mode allows you to play Ludo King with your friends. 2-6 Friends can play together with internet connection. To Play this mode every Friend should have a separate device. You can add your friends in game from Facebook or by Player ID

4) Play with Local Friends: In this mode you can play Ludo with your friends on a Single Phone. As this is a offline Ludo mode no internet connection is necessary. Pass your phone to next player in each turn.

Add-on Game

Snakes 🐍 and Ladders: This is Well known our Childhoods most popular game. Kids love to play this game. If you are bored with Ludo game then play this simple game in same app.

All features of Ludo game are present in Snake and Ladders game. If you are alone and looking for timepass then play Snake-ladder game with online players.

Computer Mode, Online Mode, Play With Friends (Online), Play with Friends (Offline) are also available in Snake and Ladders game.

This game is developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. Snakes and Ladders is very interesting and addictive game, that’s why devlopers of Ludo King Game included in mod game.

This is Modified version of Ludo King Game. We have minimised all distraction while playing the game. Ludo King mod apk is customised for a easy and simplified gameplay than original APK.