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The ultimate knife challenge is here!
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23 November 2021
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NameKnife Hit
MOD FeaturesAll Knives Unlocked
Apk Packagecom.ketchapp.knifehit

Knife hitting is extremely enjoyable game for Kids. But as it very dangerous no parents will allow them to play it in home. Ketchapp a game developer has decided to bring this excitement to the mobiles.

In recent days Short time arcade games are becoming popular in android gamers. These games are small in size hence easier to download and interesting to play. Hit Knife to rotating fruits, Log and wooden spheres and other objects without worry in Knife hit Mod APK. Break the objects to complete levels.

Knife Hit Mod APK

What is Knife hit MOD APK

Knife hit is a simple and addictive mobile game and for Android. Break the objects into pieces by perfectly throwing Powerful Knife to the rotating objects.

Use various Colourful, notch knives to throw on the target accurately. There will be multiple stages in each game. Also compare your score with millions of players online.

Knife Hit Mod APK

Limited number of knives are allocated to player in each level. If a player is out of knives without breaking the Log then you will loose the game and you have to play this level again.

Minimum Requirements

Knife Hitting is a Android Game require a Android 6.0 or higher phone or tablet. You’ll also need to allow permission like Internet Connection, WiFi for Score Comparison and Storage Permission to save game data.

As this is a simple arcade game, it doesn’t require a high end device. A Android device with 3GB RAM is good enough to play Knife Hitting game smoothly. Also controls of the game are simple hence doesn’t require any external gamepad to play.

Interface and GamePlay

Knife hit is a very interesting but Simple and user friendly interface game for Smartphones. Players are able to continuously play challanging game levels one by one. Difficulty level increases with each next level. There will be a BOSS at the end of each level. To break the boss a dedicated and focused effort is required. Every Boss breaking have a reward of more powerful knife.

Knife Hit Mod APK

In every level is spinning log have to break with the set of knives. In initial levels spinning log doesn’t it have any previously hitted knife on it hence it is easy to to break it with a continuous hitting off knives. The level progress further difficulty level increases. Will be some previously hitted knives are already present on the log, which acts as a saviour for the spinning log. If you accidentally hit a previously hitted knife then you will lose the game. Also there are bonus apples are fitted to the log. Hit the apples to collect them. Collect apples as much as possible to buy additional knives.

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Main Features

Accurate Target Hitting

In first impression this game looks simple but developers have perfectly managed to balance between motion and Time you will never find any bugs during the hitting. All your target hitting must be accurate with motion and knife and log in focus for perfect hitting.

Knife Hit Mod APK

While selecting your target check previously hitted knives to avoid overlap. Collision between two knifes is not allowed in knife hitting. A milliseconds delay is enough to hit on a undesirable side of the log. One missed hit will rush all your previous efforts in the level. You have to just tap on the screen to hit a knife towards the rotating objects. Update your knife to stay in the game, otherwise you will need more time to solve difficult levels.

Challenging Levels/Puzzles

Basically this is not a puzzle game. But you will feel like you are solving an interesting puzzle while playing Knife hit mod apk.

Each level contains 5 stages. Out of these five stages first four will have a log to break. In final stage you will need to break the Boss. This Boss may be a Fruit, A Wooden spheres or a concrete. To solve each level you have to complete all the five stages in one try. If you failed once then you have to start from the beginning of level.

Clean Interface and Simple Controls

Glitchy interface is always disturbing for any game’s Gameplay. Thats why I personally prefer clean games to play. Knife Hitting game have a Clear and Simple UI. Also it have quick loading time which is quite impressive.

Game have simple tap controls that makes it even more enjoyable. To release a knife just tap on the bottom of the screen. To hit multiple knives instantly, tap 3-4 times quickly on screen.

Special Difficult Challenges

Apart from the Boss Challenges there are additional challenges are included in a special section of the app. Play difficult Challenges like Ice Age, Monsters, Concrete, Jungle, Treasures and Pirates. These special challenges are difficult than the normal levels. In Knife hit mod apk all the challanges in special sections are Unlocked.

Knife Hit Mod APK

Collection of Sharp Knives

To break the log and other objects hit with a sharp Knife. Initialy there will a basic knife will be allocated to you for hitted. You can get new Knifes by breaking apples while hitting a log. Solve Boss levels to earn Powerful Knives. Each boss level will reward you a new Knife.

Knife Hit Mod APK

If you want a collection of knives then you can buy it from Knife Store in the game. This collection contains various Colourful, Sharp and extruded knives.

Download Knife hit mod Apk for Android

It is a easy and simple arcade game for Android . Hit multiple knives to the rotating objects to break them. Solve Boss levels by perfectly executing your archery skills to win new Knife. Also break Tomato and Mango with your sharp Knife throw. Download latest version of Knife hit for Android.

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