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Android 6.0
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Enhance your Whatsapp Privacy and Security experience with feature rich GBWhatsApp Pro APK. Download latest official version GBWhatsApp Pro for Android

NameGBWhatsApp Pro
DeveloperAlexamod and Heymods
Alexamod Version17.52 (Ad-free)
Heymod Version19.60.1
Min RequirementsAndroid 7.0

When a app name have prefix Pro, it is supposed that it should have premium features and Ad-free experience. GBWhatsApp Pro fullfill all premium requirements that a user wants from WhatsApp.

Most of the people will agree with me when it comes to the limitations of official WhatsApp app. WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to use all chatting features freely. Also it doesn’t offer appearance and user interface customisation features. As Whatsapp is the most downloaded app for Android, users deserve to have their favourite features in the app.

For many day this problem was remain unsolved. Few developer decided to add some essential features in this app. They developer a modified app called as GBWhatsApp. But GBWhatsApp also missed out important features and new GBWhatsApp Pro came into existence.

What is GBWhatsapp Pro?

GBWhatsapp Pro is a Ad-free advanced and stable varient of Whatsapp. Don’t get confused between two different versions of the GBWhatsApp Pro. These two varients are unique and different from each other. Two separate independent developers are working to make these varients.

Most features of these two GB WhatsApp Pro are same but some key differences exists. The main difference is Alexanod version doesn’t have any third party advertisements. Hence we recommend users to use Alexamod version.

If you are new user of WhatsApp then you can try this app just for testing. Some of the users like to use Whatsapp’s default interface, but still want to use core features of GBWhatsapp Pro. For such users there is one more option in the app to use default theme. Just use core features like View deleted messages, status and hide online status etc.

How To Use GBWhatsApp Pro?

WhatsApp is the most Popular Messaging app available till date. All the Social Messanger are equipped with basic features like encryption, last online status and group chats. There are some features that users wants are not available in these apps. This is why Whatsapp and other instant messaging apps doesn’t meet the expectations.

To use GBWhatsApp Pro you’ll need to uninstall your original WhatsApp Messenger app. But before uninstalling it remember to take backup of your important Chats. After upgrading to GBWhatsapp Pro you will need to learn core features of this app. On Main Chat Screen you can find GB Settings Menu. This GB Settings is different from WhatsApp Settings. In GB Settings you can customise app appearance as per your choice. Also you can control core features like status downloading.

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Most of the instant messaging apps doesn’t allow users to change the interface of the app. This is the reason why GB Whatsapp like apps came into existence. Apps like GBWhatsapp plus and GBWhatsapp Pro are helping end users by adding some glimpse of fun into Whatsapp. To avail these additional exciting features download latest version of GBWhatsapp Pro Apk by alexamods for Android.

In GBWA Pro there is a extra option for direct messeging i.e messaging with anyone by just entering his/her phone number. This feature is not available in WhatsApp or any other WhatsApp MOD. With this feature you can quickly chat with anyone without saving their number.

Main Features of GBWhatsapp Pro

There are no extra tweaks needed to use GBWhatsapp Pro app. By default you will get classic Whatsapp Interface. If you want to customise the look, instead of mining Settings just change the theme get your favourite Interface. you can simply select One UI light or Yodestinidark theme to get unique ux.

Colour Customisations

Simplified Customiser allows you to personalize your favourite whatsapp. A clean organized interface is embedded as a addition in the main app. iOS interface is used to further enhance user experience in Setting menu.

Simplified Interface

Personally I use GBWhatsapp Pro Only for this reason. I Just love it’s simple interface and ease of use. Different Tabs for Contacts are Group bring this app to a new level. It is to easy handle contacts chat and group chat.

Advanced Tweaks

If you are advanced user then you can try advanced features like Header, Footer Editor, iOS/One UI and Custom icons. Rooting is not necessary to use any GBWhatsappPro app features.

Latest Features and Changelogs

  • Advanced Search to find Contacts, Videos, Images, Links and Documents Separately.
  • GBWhatsapp Pro features a Simplified Customiser and WA Payments
  • Use themes from Zip and Rar archives.
  • Hide Status seen activity from selected contacts
  • Copy Text Status and Status Captions.
  • Crashing fixed in group chats.
  • Forwarding limit again increased to 250 Contacts.
  • Hide recent chats and frequently used Contacts.
  • Fixed wallpaper is not reseting after a bulk reset.
  • Copy text from message bubble
  • New Mention mark design

Old Version Features

  • One UI Interface like Samsung Galaxy devices for easy single hand typing.
  • DND/Airplane mode is now animated.
  • Change Colours in Insta like Status mode.
  • To directly translate chats within the app you should have GTranslate app installed.
  • Fixed bottom bar styles
  • Added new bottom bar styles.
  • sliding animation for long names
  • Contact picture will be visible from messages in group chats.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of GBWhatsapp Pro


  • Simple Interface
  • WhatsApp Payments Support.
  • Separate Groups and Chats
  • Safe and Secure Chatting using Pattern and Fingerprint Lock.
  • Separate Group and Contacts Chatting
  • Hide Online and Last Seen Status
  • View Deleted Status and Messages
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  • It is a unofficial App by third party developer
  • No Drive Backup
  • Chat history may not be revived if backup not enabled.
  • No Auto updates. Use manual updater to jump to the latest version.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Download GBWhatsapp Pro

    You can download it from many Websites on the Internet. Just Search on the Google or directly download Official Secure Version from APKPosts.

  • GBWhatsApp Pro Apk is Safe?

    In GBWhatsApp Pro only String Files are modified by the Developers, It use servers of Official Whatsapp hence it is Safe to use. But prefer to download from Official Sources.

  • Can I Install GBWhatsapp Pro from Play Store?

    No you can’t. As it is a unofficial modified app Play Store Policy doesn’t allow it. Although you can use APKPosts to get your favourite GB WhatsApp Pro for Android.

  • GBWhatsApp Pro is Legal?

    GBWhatsApp Pro is unofficial Varient of Whatsapp, hence it’s not legal. But as it is developed by trusted developer it is Safe and Secure app. You can freely use it until you want.

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp Pro?

You can easily download latest version of this fabulous app from above download link. Follow following procedure for smooth installation.

  1. Download latest version of GBWhatsapp Pro Apk from APKPosts

    You can download official version of this from APKPosts.

  2. Uninstall all previous versions of GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp or any other mods.

    Any varient or original version of Whatsapp may conflict with GBWhatsApp Pro APK. There uninstall your existing WhatsApp.

  3. Then Click on the downloaded file to Install it.

    If you are installing for first time, Allow Installation from unknown sources.

  4. Go to Phone Settings> Apps> GBWhatsapp Pro> Allow all Permissions.

    This app needs manual permission allowance. So ensure that you have enabled permissions from settings.

  5. If you have backuped your Whatsapp data from GBWA then restore it.

    To save your Whatsapp data ensure to keep backup before uninstalling existing WhatsApp.

  6. Otherwise normally Register with your phone number.

    If you don’t have backup or you are a new user then just enter your Phone Number and Start using GBWhatsApp Pro.

  7. To change theme Go to App Settings>Themes

    Select your favourite theme from themes menu and edit it in customiser to personalize.