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20 Feb 2024
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NameFL Studio Mobile
Apk Packagecom.imageline.FLM
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlock

FL Studio Mobile is the complete music studio specially designed for Android Phones and Tablets. Free Download latest version of Premium FL Studio Mobile APK for Android.

Music is the way of expressing. There is no language barrier to for the music. Not only human even animals can understand the language of the music. From many years music is the widely used for entertainment needs. It means every human need forms of music to listen in their lives. During ancient time various instruments were used to create melodious music, now a days even a mobile app can create enjoyable music.

For Music Creator, New beginners and Singers it is important to have a mobile based music studio app, which can be used anywhere and anytime. Import your work or simply record music within the app and get started. Craft a perfect piece of music with special professional tools and effects with FL Studio Mobile.

What is FL Studio Mobile?

Are you want to make music without any instruments then FL Studio Mobile is perfect app for your Android Smartphone. This app is capable of making music using raw recordings, music files or your own voice. FL Studio Mobile is the complete music studio with all the basic features in your phone. A PC version of this app is also available for Windows and Linux.

Handy features of this app are useful for new singers to test their skills without musical instruments. Add instrumental effects in your previously recorded audios. Create Suitable mixes from your multiple music files. You can also add background music to the any of your audio. Add all your audio files one by one, sort them and add various instruments effects as per your choice. Check your newly created music by playing it and export in your preferred format. It offer us studio like editing experience within the phone.

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Minimum Requirements

To run FL Studio Mobile Apk conveniently a Android device with Powerful Hardware Capabilities is required. A Sound editing requires multiple process handling which requires a decent processor and enough RAM.

A Android device with minimum Version 4.0.1 or up is required to install this app. Now most of the Android devices come with 6GB of Which is enough for this app. Allow Storage Permission to access music files stored in your phone. You’ll need allow microphone permission in order to record your voice in the app. Other basic Permissions like Location, Internet Access and Bluetooth require to run the app.

Features of FL Studio Mobile

All Musical Instruments in One App

FL Studio Mobile features a complete set of features of Music Studio. You can add sound effects in your music using various virtual musical instruments. These virtual instruments are capable of making identical music like original instruments. Many Popular Artists are using this app to make their music.

Basic Instruments including Piano, Drum, Guitar and Trombone are available with additional customisations. You can customise Minisynth, FX tap delay and LFD after selecting a instrument. Advanced instruments like high quality synthesizer, sliced-loop beat are also available to create incredible western music.

Intuitive Interface and Controls

This app contains many Audio effects, Customisations, Virtual instruments and Controllers. A Simplified Interface is required to serve this set of features conveniently in one app. All the features are placed in various sections for easy access.

Different types of Musical Instruments are inbuilt in FL Studio Mobile APK. Each Virtual instruments require different controls, A Piano require a keyboard and Drum require Supersaw. Drum Pads and Piano Keyboards are customisable according to your convenience. All these inputs are properly optimised for mobile in this app

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Record and Render in the Studio

FL Studio Mobile is the workstation for singers and audio artists. A user can record audio within the app to instantly add various instrument effects. Allow microphone permission to record your voice using inbuilt recorder. You can also connect a USB mic to your phone to record audio.

New Singers may not have access to the modern musical instruments. Recordings features is very helpful for new artists. It allows to record your Singing with various instruments. This feature is also helpful in videos for background music. There are six different custom recording options are available for various audio conditions.

MIDI Support

MIDI is a way to connect multiple music devices to together create music. It allow to connect with Samplers and Sinthesizers. You can also communicate with other MIDI users using this feature.

If you are using FL Studio on your PC also then connect your both device using MIDI for easy editing. This let’s use one keyboard on other devices synthesizer. Use any instrument in your music with MIDI Controller available in the app.

Special Effects and Audio Mixing

Audio Mixer feature allows you to import your multiple audio files and mix them to create a single audio. Edit and add various instrumental effects to individuals tracks. You can import audios multiple files formats like MP3, AAC and WAV.

To give final finish to your melodious voice add various effects available in the app. All these effects are customisable to suit your requirements. Manage Nots and Chords of your singing with customisation features of effects.

Download FL Studio Mobile APK for Android

FL Studio Mobile is a Premium Music Studio app developed by Image-Line . Walk in to the unlimited possibilities and create your music with various tools. There are powerful features like Bass booster and Audio Mixer to create awesome music. Download latest version of FL Studio Mobile APK for Android.