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Jul 21, 2022
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ExoMiner is a popular Strategy APK for Android. Latest Version 1.2.7 is currently available for Download. It is designed and developed by ExoCorp. Download ExoMiner MOD APK and enjoy ultimate features.

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If you are looking for a space game, you may want to consider Exominer. This game is based on the concept of mining, and it has many features to keep you engaged. For example, you can explore new planets and recruit astronauts to your team. The more astronauts you have, the better they are at providing boosts. As you progress through the game, you can also upgrade your cards with science points to unlock even more boosts.

Build Your Mining Empire

If you’re looking for a space game that allows you to build an empire and conquer planets, look no further than ExoMiner. This fun and rewarding game lets you discover and mine over 60 different kinds of ores and materials. You’ll also be able to craft various items, and develop life-changing technologies.

Currently, the game does not have multiplayer, but there is a future plan to include leaderboards and competitive weekend events. There’s also a transport speed option that allows you to upgrade the speed at which your ships travel between your base and your mines. The higher your transport speed, the faster your ships will be able to travel between the two.

There’s also a science point system in the game. This feature allows you to develop more advanced technologies in your mining empire. For example, you can build a better mining ship, or increase the size of your cargo. You’ll earn science points from researching different deposits, which will allow you to mine more resources faster.

Discover and Explore Planets

In Exominer, players build and upgrade mines on exotic planets. They collect valuable ores and use them to craft various items. They can also sell the ores to earn money. Players can also use the ores to improve research and mines. This game is fun even when the player is idle, but they have to come back regularly to advance.

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The game has an addictive gameplay that has attracted a large community of gamers. Players can explore different planets easily and develop new technologies. The game also allows them to record human history and develop inventions that benefit the earth. The game also allows players to build structures on different planets, earning income in the process.

Recruit Astronauts

The planetary mining business starts with a single person. Once you gain more astronauts, you can improve your deposits’ performance and speed up the flow of ores. Astronauts can be recruited from the shop or from crates. Recruiting astronauts requires you to have sufficient resources.

Recruiting astronauts will increase your mining capacity, and they will help you to earn more science points. You can also sell them for money and upgrade your mines. There are three in-game currencies: science points, bucks, and relics. Each of these currencies will help you progress the game.

Unlock New Science

Unlocking new science is an excellent way to advance your mining career and upgrade your astronauts in the Exominer game. Upgrades can be obtained by mining duplicate shards and using science points. These upgrades give you a variety of benefits, including faster mining, larger cargo, and more.

In Exo miner, there are three kinds of in-game currencies: bucks, relics, and science points. Players can earn bucks by selling items, relics by improving their ranks, and science points by upgrading their astronauts. However, there’s a cap to the amount of idle progression.

Craft Valuable items

Exominer is a new idle miner game that features a unique system of in-game currency. This system involves three separate currencies: bucks, relics, and science points. These currencies can be earned by collecting, selling, or upgrading items in the game. You can use these currencies to purchase items, raise your rank, and upgrade your astronauts.

In Exominer, players build mines on various planets and collect valuable ores. These resources are then smelted into bars and used to craft valuable items. In addition, they can be sold for money or used to upgrade research and mining equipment. In addition to crafting and selling, players can also explore new planets and research new technology.

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Download ExoMiner MOD APK for Android

This is an amazing Strategy APK developed by ExoCorp. This is mod version of ExoMiner with unlocked and additional features. Latest version 1.2.7 is available for Android. Download ExoMiner mod APK from above download link.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is ExoMiner MOD APK?

    ExoMiner is a Strategy APK Published by ExoCorp. This is Latest version 1.2.7 of ExoMiner APK contains additional features and free upgrades.

  • How Can I Install XAPK and Zip files?

    You can’t install XAPK and Zip files directly. Download XAPK Installer for Android to install these files.

  • Is APKPosts is safe to download Android Apps and Games?

    We at APKPosts.com committed to deliver best content possible to our users. All files provided by APKPosts are tested by experts and scanned by antivirus. Feel free to download your favourite apps from here.

  • How to Download ExoMiner APK?

    To easily download latest modified version of ExoMiner Visit APKPosts and Search APK name. Then Click on Download APK Button below APK logo. Wait for the timer end and download APK file.

APK Installation Guide

This is Step by Step Proceedure to safely Install ExoMiner APK in your Android device. Follow below mentioned steps carefully and access all features of this Strategy APK

  1. Uninstall any previously installed versions of this APK from your device.

    Previous version can conflict with the current package hence it is better to Uninstall old APK before installing newer version.

  2. Download ExoMiner APK from Download Link

    To Download this APK file just click on the ‘Download APK’ button, and download file after the timer.

  3. Open downloaded ExoMiner 1.2.7 APK file as a normal file.

    Just tap on the file name in your browser to open and install APK file.

  4. Allow Installation from unknown sources

    If you are installing a app or game from external sources for the first time, then you need to allow this permission. Ignore if not asked. This is normal for all phones.

  5. Allow Necessary Permissions if asked.

    Depending upon the Category of APK different permissions may be asked to use it. Allow all permissions to use the APK.

  6. Start using APK as per your requirements.

    In Most of Apps and Games you will get initial instructions to learn basic controls. Follow instructions and use your favourite APK.