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Create your own Fantasy Team of 11 Players and Compete to Win Prizes in Dream11 App. Download Dream11 4.18.1 Apk Latest and Old Versions for Android.
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18 March 2021
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Dream11 is the most Popular Fantasy Gaming App in India. Create your own Fantasy Team of 11 Players and Compete to Win Prizes in Dream11 App. Download Dream11 Apk Latest and Old Versions for Android. These Fantasy Contests are based on deep Sports Knowledge. To Win Dream11 Contests you must have detailed knowledge about that sport and Both the teams.

Dream11 is Fun and fantasy gaming app for sport lovers. If you have enough knowledge about cricket and other sports you can earn prices with this app. Dream11 allows you to play Fantasy games in Cricket, Football, Hockey, Handball, Baseball and Kabaddi. To play with dream11 you need to spend some money. There are daily premium contests are available for playing. Each Contest have Different entry fee and different Prizes.

It is India’s most popular fantasy gaming app trusted by more than 10 million users. You can use latest or old versions of dream11 app to play fantasy games. Dream11 is Official Sponsored Partner of IPL 2021.

Dream11 Apk Old Versions

Version: 4.14 | Size: 27MB
Version: 3.72 | Size: 20MB
Version: 3.58 | Size: 22MB
Version: 3.41 | Size: 23MB

Dream11 App Download For iOS

To play daily Cricket Contests make a Virtual team of 11 Players. These players should be from same day’s Game. Winner of the Contents are decided based on the Performance of the fantacy team in real match. One who will earn maximum points selected as Winner.

Dream11 App APK

As Play Store doesn’t support pay and play apps, this app is not available on Play Store. You can Download latest official version from ApkPosts. After Dream11 there are many other similar fantacy apps are also developed. My11Circle and MyTeam11 are the most Popular among them.

You can play Dream11 Contests during IPL ( Indian Premier League ). These contests are also available for most of the International cricket matches.

How Dream11 Works?

Dream11 is a Knowledge based game, Which is based on the Real life Sports. Select a Virtual team of Players who you think are going to Perform in the real match. For Cricket there are 11 Players in each team. You have to Select best performing 11 Players from 22 Players.

To Participate in money games you have to pay entry free from Rs. 10 to Rs. 5000. In higher amount Contests competition is low, hence winning Possiblity is more. Prices are ranging from 1 lakh to 5 Crores based on pool Size and entry fee. You can also Participate in free games for Practice.

There are rules to Pick your team. Each player has its price (Credit) based on previous Performance. Yo will get 100 Credit for a team Selection. You have to manage best performing team in 100 Credits. You can also Select your team’s Captain and Vice Captain.

You will earn Points based on your Virtual team Players in real match. For Example In Cricket you will get some Points for Runs, Wicket, Four, Sixes by your players. Captain and Vice Captain of your Virtual team will get 2X and 1.5X Points than other Players in the team. This is why Selection two Players as Captain and Vice Captain those going to perform best in real match is very important.

Various Sections of the Dream11 App

  • Home: This is the homescreen of the app. You can find all upcoming matches, Contests in all Sports.
  • My Matches: This Section is available at the bottom bar. In this Section you can access all the Partcipated Contests.
  • Winners: Here you can find Winners of Previous pools.
  • Groups: Group feature allow you to chat with your friends while selecting a team. You can also play as a team in all Dream11 Contests.
  • Feed: Here you can get latest updates from Dream11.

Rules of Dream11


For Cricket Contests select 11 players in your team. You will get 100 Credits for team Selection. You can select 7 players from one playing team. You team can have a Wicketkeeper, maximum 6 batsman and 4 allrounders. You can select 3 to 6 bowlers.

After Selecting your Dream11 team members choose a Captain and Vice Captain. Captain and Vice Captain Selection is very important in Dream11. Your Captain and Vice Captain will get 2X and 1.5X Points for each point they earn.

Batting: Your Players Will get 1 point for each run. There will be bonus of 1 and 2 Points for four and Sixes. There are 16 bonus points for a Century by a Player. One can also get 4 or 8 bonus points for 30 or 50 runs respectively. Batsman can get extra points for higher Strike rate

Bowling: For a Wicket there are massive 25 points assigned. In addition to that there are 8 Bonus Points for Bowled or LBW Wicket. There will be additional points for 3-5 Wicket haul. There are 12 Points for a Over Without any runs. Bowlers can get extra points for low economy rate.

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Fielding: For each catch catching player will get 8 Points. If a players gets 3 Catches in a Over then he will get 4 Bonus Points. For Stumping Wicketkeeper will get 12 Points. There are 12 and 6 Points for runout by Direct hit and Non direct hit respectively.


By Downloading Dream11 Apk you can play Kabaddi Fantasy Games during Pro Kabaddi League. Create Your Virtual team of 7 Players from two playing teams. You can select maximum 4 Players from one team. There are 2X points for Captain and 1.5X Points for Vice Captain.

Raid: For a Successful Raid Touch there are 4 points. 2 Points are allotted for the normal raid. You will loose 1 Point for a unsuccessful raid by your selected player.

Defense: For a Successful Tackle by your team members you will get 5 Points, and for a Super tackle there is a bonus of 4 points.


For Soccer matches Select your dream team of 11 Players. Select Captain and Vice Captain Carefully, as they will get 2X and 1.5X Points.

For Each Goal Scored by the Striker Player you will get 40 Points. For Goal by Midfielders and Defenders there are 50 and 60 Points. If your Selected players helps in a goal you will get 20 Points.

You will get 50 Dream11 Points for each penalty save by your player. There are 4 points for each Tackle one and Interception won, and 6 Points for a save.


For a Baseball Match Create a fantasy team of 9 Players with maximum 6 Players from one team. There are 1.5X and 2X Points for Vice Captain and Captain respectively.

For one move by Batter there are 4 Points. If a Batter reaches two bases you will get 6 Points. For 3 base run batter gets 10 Points. If a Batter completes a Run then he will get 12 Points. For a stollen base there are 8 Points allotted.

For each wicket Pitcher will get 1 Point. For each Run buy batter Pitcher will loose 3 Points.


For Dream11 Handball games Create a team of 7 Players with maximum 5 players from one team.

You will get 6 Points per Goal by your selected Player. There are 2 Points for each save and 3 Points for Penalty Save.


Select a team of 7 Players with a Captain and Vice Captain. You can select maximum 5 Players from each team. To Play fantasy Basketball and Handball download Dream11 app from ApkPosts.

  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)
  • Indian Super League (ISL)
  • NBA
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Asian Games
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Hokey World Cup

More About Dream11 App

Dream11 App is founded by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008. In 2014 become a company with 1 million users and increased to 2 million in 2016 and 45 million in 2018.

In 2019 Dream11 becomes the company of India which entered in ‘Unicorn Club‘. Now the Dream11 is 2020 Title Sponser of IPL. Dream11 can be Accessed from Official Website, Android App and iOS app.

This app is developed by Dream11 Fantasy Pvt. Ltd. Currently, version 4.18.1 of this app is available for download. It is 27MB in Size and downloaded more than 13 Million times Worldwide.

Pros and Cons of the App


  • Huge Rewards Amount upto Rs. 5 Crores
  • All Sports Support
  • Easy to learn Interface
  • Simplified Points System.
  • Free Trial Contests
  • International and Domestic matches based Contests
  • Groups Play


  • Large Pools
  • Difficult to win

How to Download and Install Dream11 Apk on Android

Dream11 App downloading from Play Store is not available due to Play Store Policy. Use following Steps to Install Dream11 in Android Phone.

  • Dream11 apk file Download from the above download link.
  • Allow ‘Install from unknown Sources’ in Settings.
  • Install downloaded apk file in your phone and allow all required Permissions
  • Register With Your Mobile number and email address.
  • Enter OTP received on the registered number.
  • Select any upcoming Cricket or other matches.
  • To play Dream11 Contest You need to choose 11 Players From 2 Teams playing on that day.
  • Select a Captain and Vice-Captain. For Captain you Will get 2x and for vice-captain 1.5x Points, so Select it carefully.
  • You will get a credit of 100 for team Selection. Every Player will cost Credits from 6 to 10. Select the best players carefully in 100 Credit.
  • Now Select a contest to earn rewards.
  • You need to pay some money to enter in a Premium contest. You can pay Securely using Debit/Credit Card or UPI on Dream11.
  • You Will be rewarded with Cash prizes based on your fantacy team members performance in that match.

Dream11 Apk File Details


Dream11 is a Free Fantacy Gaming App. To use Dream11 app age of the user should be 18+. Some Contests of the Dream11 App involves Real money. You may loose your money by using this app. Read Terms and Conditions for more information. If you have any questions or suggestions please mail us.

Email: helpdesk@dream11.com

Terms and Conditions: ://www.dream11.com/games/fantasy-cricket/termsandconditions

Privacy Policy: https://www.dream11.com/about-us/privacypolicy

What's new

1) Now You can withstand from Rs. 100

2) Expert Teams and Suggestions Added




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