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19 January 2022
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Download Cooking Fever mod apk and Start cooking delicious meal to serve your Customers. You already played fruit Rush Game on your old phone, then you will also like Cooking Fever Game. It is a combination of strategy and arcade game with a unique concept.

A woman always loves to cook and serve delicious food to others rather than making it for herself. Millions of housewives around the world are loving this game. They can virtually run their culinary skills to run a Restaurants business. Cook pizza, hamburger and other dishes with modern kitchen equipment. Time Management and Meal Quality are the important skills to run a Cooking business.

What is Cooking Fever?

Cooking Fever is a Time Management based cooking simulation game. It allows players to manage a virtual restaurant. Serve your customers healthy and testing food to grow your business. Customer satisfaction is the key to any business success. Keep your quality and speed to serve better.

Baking fever allows you to cook thousands of recipies using hundreds of ingredients. A collection of recipes for famous dishes are available for cooking. A customizable kitchen is available with lots of equipment. Initially you will be allocated a Small Room with half space for Kitchen and half space for customers. .

Cooking Fever MOD APK

A delicious and busy restaurant

Run a Fully Featured Virtual Restaurant to serve healthy and delicious food to your customers. Your goal is to try different cuisines in your restaurant to become the best cook in a city in France. Michelle will help you during your journey. She is a skilled and experienced cook. She starts with just two courses a hamburger and coffee to timely serve her customers. As her customers grow, she buys new kitchen equipment to simultaneously cook multiple dishes at the same time. If you have experience, then start serving hot dogs to increase your revenue.

Cooking Fever MOD APK

To grow your business, don’t let your customers wait for their meal. A satisfied customer increases one customer, but a dissatisfied customer can decrease your 10 customers. To avoid stage and loss, don’t let your ingredients burn. A burnt dish is not only wasted, but also increases the time between ordering and delivery.

Fast and smart cooking

There is a standard procedure for cooking each item to maintain quality and minimize cooking time. If you follow it, you can provide food to customers within minutes. If you want to save more time, then keep a few dishes ready before the next customer comes in.

Cooking Fever MOD APK

To bake a hamburger tap on hamburger bun. Then beat in the other ingredients like meat to put it on the stove. When your meat is done, drag it onto the bread. Your Burger is ready, slide it towards the customer to serve him. And don’t forget to get cash.

Serve ready meals like coke to keep your customers engaged while they cook. Some of your customers will order two courses. If one of them is ready, serve it to him so he can wait until you can cook another kitchen.

Minimize Westage to maximize profit

Cooking fever cooking stimulator consists of cooking features, it covers all aspects of cooking business. Extra boiling of any ingredient can make your cooking terrible. To maintain the quality of your Restaurant’s meal, follow the standard cooking procedure. If you cook a bad kitchen then you cannot serve it to your customers and it will be wasted. Don’t cook too much cuisine before the customer comes in. If customers are less than ready-made kitchens then it’s your loss.

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As a shef you should be aware about the benefits of healthy food. An excess of food is not good for human health. If one of your ingredients burns, then throw it in the trash by dragging it from the stove to the trash. It has one more downside, customers have to expect more from their meal. They can leave if they don’t get their desired meal in time. Remember that throwing burt food costs money. So always try to avoid Westage.

update your kitchen


To handle more customers, you will need more equipment. Few minutes are needed to cook hot dogs or hamburgers. This can lead to longer wait times for new customers. Upgrade your existing applications like Stove, Pan, Toaster to save time and minimize Westage.

Add a food warmer or two to keep food warm and safe from burning. Put extra cooked food on warmers.

Interior Design

Cooking Fever MOD APK

To attract more customers to your canteen, modify and expand the interior. There are so many options available in Cooking Fever mod Apk to design interiors smartly. When designing interiors, focus on making spaces more functional, safe and beautiful

In Cooking Fever you can design your canteen’s interior by yourself. Add and upgrade additional appliances like TV, AC to attract more customers. Your customers are satisfied with your quality, but want more facilities.

Cooking Ingredients

In addition to interiors and appliances, you can also upgrade cooking ingredients to improve cooking speed and cooking quality. Upgrade your Sousage and Buns to improve testing. Buying multiple sausages also helps when many customers are there.

Interesting tasks and new levels

Start your canteen with few customers and convert it into a Mega Restaurant Chain. This is an ongoing process, step by step improvements are necessary for the canteen to grow. Be famous in your area by adding more testing and quality to your meal. You can also complete various tasks to level up.

XP points are important for faster processing and skill improvement. XP points can be earned by upgrading the kitchen, completing levels and tasks. XP not only improves the performance of your kitchens, but also increases your Restaurant’s popularity in the area.

Baixe Cooking Fever mod Apk For Android

This game is developed by NordCurrent. Turn your culinary passion into a successful hotel business. Cooking Fever Cooking Stimulator will allow you to step by step cook kitchens, guide you through the whole trip and try new recipes. Download the latest version of Cooking Fever mod APK from the above download link.

Features mod

Kitchen Resources mod apk is updated with unlimited money to upgrade Kitchen Appliances and Interiors. You can also use this money to buy various ingredients for Cooking. This Modded app also has Unlocked All Appliances and Experienced Cooks.



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