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Aug 31, 2022

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NameCity Island 5
APK Packagecom.sparklingsociety.cityisland5
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Cash
DeveloperSparkling Society

Built your Dream City With City Island 5 City building game. Download latest Version of City island 5 mod apk for Android. This is the fifth version of popular City Island game by Sparkling Society.

Millions of people around the world are loving this latest installment of City Island game. This version is come up with 3D Graphics and Easier Controls. All previous features are kept as it is with new interface improvements. Sparkling Society done it again with many new features and even more exciting gameplay. If you are regular City Building Game Player then you’ll get a unbeatable Gaming experience.

City Island 5 mod apk screenshot

As title suggests City Island 5 MOD APK have inbuilt offline support. Same as its predecessors you can play this game for free. Build upto 4 Cities on different islands. In this installment to play with online players no need to be always online. Play Offline as per your convenience and then Connect with Internet to check your progress and position in the Online Leaderboard.

Minimum Requirements

This is a City Building Game, It require enough hardware capabilities to run this game effectively. 3GB of RAM and adequate processing speed is necessary to run this game.

A Stable Internet Connection is required while playing in online mode. Allow Network Access and WiFi Permission to connect with internet. This game can be installed on devices with Android 6.0+ operating System. There are no any other special permissions needed to install this game.

Interface and Controls

City Island 5 features a better and delightful user interface than its predecessors. Its interface is simplified to explore other islands. Shifting from one city to another is also improved with attractive graphics.

City Island 5 mod apk screenshot

Controls of the game are similar and easy. To add a building or roads just Click on its icon and select its position in the map. Use Arrows to move buildings and other elements.

Build Your Dream City

Select a island and land on it with a Parachute. Now you are free to build your city. First Add Some residential homes in your city and Join them with the roads. To create new opportunities in your city build some factories. Keep roads in the centre of your city. Transportation should be sophisticated enough to grow your city. As much as Job will you create in the city more peoples will attracts to your city.

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Build Community Structures like Library, Hospitals and School to help your citizens. These Structures increase jobs and happiness among the people. Send Aircrafts to find out new islands. You can build upto 4 Cities nearby. Increase trade between all your cities to generate more revenue.

City Island 5 mod apk screenshot

City Building is not a easy task. It needs dedication and passion to a Smart City. Proper planning is necessary to hold it together. Every island doesn’t have similar environment. Build your cities according environment in the region.

Prioterise the Building Work

Focus on essentials first, create School, Residential Buildings, Roads and Hospitals in your Smart City. Maintain balance across Structures to  grow your city. Maintain a Good ratio between Population and number of Jobs available in the city. If many people in your city are jobless then financial crises may occur.

To keep your citizens happy you need to have enough money flow in the city. People should get a enough Salary to fulfill their basic needs. A rich society always beneficial for the growth of the city. Keep continuous and Sustainable progress to expand your land. Reach milestones and earn rewards that will help you to expand your city.

Complete Missions to Expland your City.

In City Island 5 MOD you need to complete allocated tasks to boost your score. Mission allocated are may different for each player are different from others based on the levels. As your level grows your missions will become more challenging. Complete daily quests to quickly complete levels. As a level completes new missions will unlock. You will get opportunity to expand your city. There are new types of buildings and performance tools unlock after each level.

Follow the instructions by your instructor to complete initial levels quickly. These missions also helps you to improve your performance in an online game. For each completed mission you will be rewarded with new building tools and experience points. These experience points will help you to grow your city further.

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Create Civilian Friendly Layouts

Roads are the backbone of ball cites. Once a Road is built, people will automatically build residential building around it. So Build all the roads in proper layout to make  transport easy in all your cities.

City Island 5 mod apk screenshot

Keep all the roads in rectangular manner. Keep adequate distance between two parallel roads for residential and commercial buildings. Keep your roads in 90 degree to make a perfect layout. These Smart Cities will help you to increase happiness index of Citizens. But keep a perfect balance between Road and Commercial buildings Construction.

Create Upto Five Cities

Initially you are Mayor of only one city, but you can unlock others islands to build new Cities. You can explore Four nearby places to expand your empire. These islands have different environments than each other. Build Your new Cities according to the Environment at each place. There are different Residential and Commercial buildings are available for each island. You can encourage trade between your cities. You can also move your population from one island to another. To increase happiness provide basic needs to all your citizens.

City Island 5 mod apk screenshot

Currency Exchange will unlock at Level 11. To increase your revenue increase trade between your cities. Explore different terrains like Snow, Mountains and Flat islands. Do you want to explore more then download Battlegrounds Mobile India mod. It is beneficial to use flat island for agriculture purpose to increase revenue. If you use Flat land for construction purpose purpose then your cities may short of food.

Download City Island 5 MOD APK

As discussed above City Island 5 is the all new installment of Popular City Island Series. Build a Mega City to Happily live with all the essential services. This mod features Unlimited Money and Coins. Use these money and Coins to quickly built a Smart City. Download Latest Version of City Island 5 to enjoy City Building.

MOD Features

This version is ad free, no need to watch forced ads to unlock new features.

City Island 5 MOD APK avails unlimited access to Coins and Money. It also adds a opportunity to expand your City by unlocking new islands.