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NameBuild a Bridge
Apk Packagecom.boombitgames.BridgeLowpoly
DeveloperBoomBit Games
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins, premium world unlocked

Build a Bridge is a bridge construction puzzle game like Bridge Constructor Portal. It requires practice and dedication to build a strong and capable bridge. Have fun while testing your built bridge with some heavy vehicles.

Build bridges on rivers, terrains and Sea with your own design techniques. Solve bridge construction puzzles to pass heavy vehicles over it. Players will have to build a bridge that can sustain heavy load and various vehicles. Use Super Cables and Pillars to support it from up and down.

Build A Bridge mod APK

In initial levels construction is simple just follow instructions in the game. Connect points by dragging left and right to make road for the bridge. Solve all initial levels to learn the game. Next level includes difficult puzzles, get ready for it…

Story and GamePlay

Build strong bridges on various road surfaces with your expertise in this game. Difficult roads are not connected yet, but all the roads doesn’t have similar surface. Bridge is useful for transportation between two places distanced by obstructions like rivers. A one time difficult construction is necessary to join roads over terrains and rivers.

To construct a bridge use various construction elements provided in Build a bridge mod apk. Use horizontal construction elements by dragging from on point to another. To remove one of the element double tap on it.

Build A Bridge mod APK

Triangular structures make the bridge very stable. Add triangle support under the bridge core elements. Long Press and drag on screen to move already constructed elements. After successful construction test it by allowing a vehicle to Pass on the bridge. If a vehicle successfully passes the bridge then level completes.

Players can earn coin rewards after successfully completing construction and testing of the bridge. Also these are daily rewards for every player. All bridge levels also features beautiful side view. Also additional Premium Orient World is available in Build a bridge mod apk. Orient World includes Beautiful Sky, Animals, deadly roads and special Vehicles.

Use minimum construction elements to save money. These elements are costly. A test failure damages all the test elements. Design bridges carefully to avoid loss of inventory. Upgrade construction elements for a heavy and strong construction. 3D previews are available all types of vehicles. Use hinges to connect multiple elements.

Exciting Features

Easy Construction Interface

Developers of Build a Bridge have successfully managed to simplify construction instructions. With enough practice and skills one can easily solve complex construction puzzles with Intuitive Interface. Follow tutorials to learn basic controls of the game.

Build A Bridge mod APK

Drag from one point to another to place a construction element. To remove a element just double tap on it. To move a element long press, hold and drag it at desired location. To make sure bridge bear heavy load add more supportive elements at top and bottom of the bridge. Use Super Cables to . To move a hinge point drag it to another point.

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Supernatural Challenges and Puzzles

Build a Bridge Game is full of joy and excitement with animated events. Bridge construction is easy but construction of a capable bridge require designing skills. Apart from heavy vehicles other supernatural challenges are also need to be managed. A river bridge should be designed with way for boats from below the bridge. Other challenges includes huge animals, Military Vehicles and Forests. If you are facing problem in any of the level then use hint option.

Build A Bridge mod APK

3D Animated Previews

Bridge tests graphics is one of the best feature of this game. These test are available in 3d as well as it follows all basic physics rules of motion. Make a solid bridge so that you can easily pass any Vehicle on it. In Initial levels light weight Vehicles will be used for bridge testing. In difficult levels heavy vehicles like military tanks are used to test bridges constructed by you. These difficult tests defines your bridge construction ability. You can also Switch between 2D and 3D Views.

Build A Bridge mod APK

In certain levels you may need to allow Ships from below the bridge. These type of bridges require special design techniques. Ship, Boat and Vehicles test previews are designed in 3d for catchy experience.

Orient and Space World Unlocked

Contruct strong bridges to meet challenges in Orient and Space World. Orient and Space World are Premium Worlds available in Build a Bridge mod APK for Android. These are specially designed events for advanced users. Construction elements, Environment and game graphics are totally different from original game.

Orient World is fun filled world of Crocodiles, Dinosaurs and Forests. Build a Bridge for humans in dangerous Orient World of animals. Orient World have a unique set of Challenges. There are many huge crocodiles in the river, which can destroy our hardly build Bridge. Use special elements to construct bridges in Orient World to safeguard it from Dinosour and Crocodiles.

Build A Bridge mod APK

Space World Bridge Constructor allows you to make a bridge in space. Travel in Galaxies, Solar Systems and Build Bridge. Pass supercars and Spaceship safely over the bridge in Space World. Aliens, Space Stations, Space Ships, Planets and Stars everything is available in Build a bridge Space World. Feel the thrill of being in the space by successful completing bridge construction in space. You can choose your favourite planet for the construction. Every Planet have different Gravity, keep it in mind while designing bridges.

Download Build A Bridge mod APK for Android

Build A Bridge is a Challenging Construction Puzzle game for Android . Explore 3D graphical bridge construction and tests. Construct bridges to pass heavy vehicles over it. Use your designing skills and Physics rules to solve puzzles and levels. Download latest version of Build A Bridge for Android.

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