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Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and experience Bridge Constructor Portal – the unique merging of the classic Portal™ and Bridge Constructor™ games.
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August 9, 2021
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NameBridge Construction Portal
Apk Packagecom.headupgames.bridgeconstructorportal
DeveloperHeadup Games

Engineers are done now its your time to build bridges ramps and slides for the aperture science test lab. Download bridge constructor portal apk to construct bridges.

Bridge construction is the most important thing from the ancient times for transportation. Since this bridges connect to places it is necessary to construct them carefully nowadays some companies also claims that they have built a massive you bridge in just 48 hours. Bridge construction portal game uses sim scientific techniques virtually and allow us construct bridges in mobile game.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK mod

What is bridge construction portal?

Bridge construction portal is a science best bridge construction game for android. It allow us to become a employee of aperture science lab as a bridge designer. Construct bridges on difficult roads to pass various vehicles.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK mod

There are three stages in the game design construction and testing after successfully completing all these 3 stages you will be promoted for construction of the next bridge. Portal cubes aerial faith plates, propulsion gel are the useful advanced gadgets which are readily available for you. Use various available gadgets to bypass laser barriers, acidic pools and other testing obstructions.

Ellen McLain is your guide in this full journey he is a experienced employee of the company. Follow tutorials to learn all the techniques of bridge building to become a successful employee of aperture science lab.

Physics is the best of any mega construction. don’t miss out basic Physics rules while designing bridges. Complex Construction requires sophisticated design and dedicated construction work. Successfull function of the bridge test it bye running various vehicles on it. Solve all initial levels to earn golden chief custodian hat.

Story and Gameplay

Bridge Constructor portal is combined virgin of two products bridge constructor with official licence of the Portal™. Aperture science lab is a construction company which constructs bridge, ramp and much more. You will be assigned as a chief custodian for aperture science vehicular hurdling initiative. Enrichment centre regulations require that all trains paise battery and custodial prophecy tests don’t worry they will be securely withholding your paycheck during this probationary period.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK mod

This series of test series will test your construction skills. Your initial task is to build a bridge for a test vehicle to reach the test chamber exit.

  1. Start from orange anchor point and draw construction components with your fingers
  2. Tap twice on a component or join to remove it.
  3. To overcome obstacles you will need to construct your bridge uphill for downhill.
  4. Drag the hinge point at new position to move existing road way to the another appropriate location.
  5. Let a test vehicle run over your bridge to test it.
  6. You can also build tunnels to pass vehicles on impossible roads.
  7. Use construction attachment points on top to suspend the bridge with her purchase science multipurpose super cable.
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Bridge Constructor Portal APK mod

Main features

Testing lab vehicle drivers are not allowed to make contact with deadly fluid on the chamber floor. Multiple paire are available in one test. Avoid casual contact with deadly laser fields. Interlinked portals are always shown in same colours. Use hinges to connect multiple construction components.

You can also built tunnels to pass hills and other difficult areas. These tunnels are easy to design but costlier than bridges. If you want safely land a vehicle at a desired position then design a perfect balanced ramp with the accesories available in the testing chamber.

Challenging puzzles

Bridge construction portal features multiple levels of increasing difficulty. Each level consists of puzzle in test lab. In puzzles use previously mentioned techniques to pass the test. Puzzles consists of a series of bridge and ramp. In higher level puzzles have series of bridge, ramp, lasers, Acidic pools and slides. Overcome all this obstacles to successfully complete a level. There are Deadly laser beam in the road. They are red in colour to discourage casual contact

Bridge Constructor Portal APK mod

If a bridge only have start point and end point without any support, then must have its own support arched scaffolds placed in triangular position.

Simplified construction Controls

This game involves complex constructions of series of bridges. Developers have intelligently simplified these complex constructions by easy controls. Just touch and drag to draw construction components.Just double tap on any construction component to remove it. There is additional undo button is provided for ease of access. Interlinked portals have matching colour.

Super Cable controls are also very easy. First Select cables mode. Then select a starting point to drag the cable upto the end point. If you have failed in a lab test then don’t worry you can easily switch to construction again.

Super Cables and Support Bars

These Cables and Bars are essential parts of the bridge. These are specialised for heavy load usage. Multi Purpose Super Cables are useful to connect the roadway to the suspension point. Multiple Pairs of the portal are also there in difficult levels.

Bridge Constructor Portal APK mod

Download Bridge Constructor Portal APK for Android

Bridge construction portal is a Challenging modern Puzzle game for Android . Explore fully featured testing lab of Aperture Science lab. Construct bridges and tunnels in the test chamber to pass testing vehicles on it. Use your skills and Physics rules to solve puzzles and levels. Download latest version of Bridge Constructor Portal for Android.

What's new

- performance improvements for new devices
- fixes for checking Google Play Pass license
- smaller bugfixes



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