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28 January 2022
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NameBottle Jump 3D
DeveloperCasual Azur Games
MOD FeaturesVIP Mode Unlock

Tap to jump the bottle and land it on vessels, Toys and Tables. Download Bottle Jump 3D mod apk and Toss it in 3D.

Make sure your bottle miss out a objects and don’t fall on the surface. If Bottle fall on the surface then it will break into the pieces and you will loose the game. There is a series of various objects placed in bottles way. Land bottle on every object and reach to the end point, to complete the level.

Bottle Jump 3D MOD APK

There are many levels in Bottle Jump 3D Mod APK. Every level is difficult than all previous levels. If there is no objects at a certain point then tap again to flip the bottle in air.

Story and GamePlay

Bottle Jump 3D is a Simple and Easy Bottle Jumping game with Intuitive Interface. In this game you have to simply toss the bottle to land on various objects from next jump. Do couple of jumps in series to win the game. If Bottle misses a jump then it will fall on the surface and break. To increase strength of the bottle upgrade it in bottle Store.

Bottle Jump 3D MOD APK

Strength of the bottle depends on the material used in it. There are many solid bottles are available in bottle Store. A Strong bottle doesn’t broke in a single fall. Also you can double flip a bottle to survive from no objects situations. To survive against Obstacles tap and hold on the screen. Jump over Table, Horse, Umbrella and finally land in vessel.

You can also use other colourfull bottles with faster speeds. To get more bottles you have to collect caps in bottle. These coins are also useful to upgrade your bottle. A upgraded bottle have higher strength and jumping hight.

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Main Features

Crazy Jumping and breaking Bottle

Experience Thrilling Bottle Jump over the various home appliances. Keep it jumping until it reaches to the Vessel. As bottle is made of glass , It will break if fall on the Tiles. It looks simple, but not that easy. To keep bottle in air you have tap on the screen for just few milliseconds. If you tap and hold for longer time bottle will fall and break.

Bottle Jump 3D MOD APK

Jump Over Everyday life Objects

Bottle Jump allow you to Toss bottle in air with a single tap. To land it on various objects tap on screen. Similar to Our houses Bottle Jump Home also holds many household goods. These Objects have realistic motion and Sizes. Many Tables, Chairs, Vessels, Umbrella, Balls, Bicycle and Doll are available in the game world.

Some of the objects like Bicycle, Wheelchair have realistic motion. If your bottle landed on these objects will also move with the objects. Be Careful when landing on moving objects.

Bottle Jump 3D MOD APK

Narrow Necked Glass Bottles

In Bottle Jump 3D you can randomly unlock any Bottle. Every Bottle have its own characteristics. Strength, Colour, Shape and Materials for all bottles is different. Higher Strength bottles have more durability.

To randomly unlock any Bottle you’ll need 1000 caps. Collect more Caps to unlock more bottles. In Bottle Jump 3D mod APK you’ll get Unlimited Caps, which can be used to unlock more handy bottles.

Bottle Jump 3D MOD APK

Unlimited VIP Mode

VIP unlocked is available for free in Bottle Jump mod Apk. In VIP mode players can access Rare Bottles. VIP mode is a monthly subscription service. It offers a bunch of Premium Features with Ad-free experience.

In this mode you’ll get tree rare bottles, 2X Cap multiplier and Ad free gaming experience.

Bottle Jump 3D MOD APK

Download Bottle Jump 3D APK

Bottle Jump 3D is a Simple and Easy arcade game for Android . Explore 3D Bottle Jump on household appliances. Toss the bottle and land in on these objects. Tap and hold the screen to perfectly land on objects. Download latest version of Bottle Jump mod for Android.

What's new

stability improved and major bugs fixed


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