Fan of the Virtual Board Game Genre? Check Out These Interesting Board Games on the MPL App

Fan of the Virtual Board Game Genre? Check Out These Interesting Board Games on the MPL App splash

There are different types of activities that individuals love to indulge in during their leisure time. For example, some prefer hanging out with other individuals, whereas others like going for a walk or playing an outdoor game. However, one activity that the majority of the masses love indulging in is playing board games. The fun indoor activity has been popular among the masses for centuries. As per an article on Medium, board games are prehistoric, meaning that board games came into existence even before man had come up with language. Moreover, it may sound amusing to many, but the first board game that humans played was dice, which is now considered the primary piece which is used in a plethora of board games. Board games have been popular for many decades, but their popularity has experienced a significant surge in the past few years, 40% to be precise. This is the reason why many major outlets have gone on to name the past few years as “A Golden Age for Board Games.”

The popularity of board games is not only because of their orthodox offline modes, i.e., another factor that has majorly contributed to the popularity of board games is the availability of thousands of top-tier online board games that facilitate players to indulge in different board games with their friends or family members. Besides individual virtual board games, there are multiple applications that house numerous online board games under a single hood. One such platform or application that houses different types of board games is MPL. The top-tier MPL application offers some of the best online board games, each offering exceptional graphics and realistic gameplay experiences. This article will list some of the most popular virtual board games available on the MPL application that enthusiasts can easily indulge in. Let us get right into it:

● Carrom

When it comes to the list of the most popular board games that have millions of fans, carrom stands at one of the topmost positions. It has been an immensely loved sport in the Indian subcontinent for years, and its popularity is steadily increasing in different parts of the world. Thanks to easy-to-understand rules and easy gameplay features, people of all ages love indulging in the tabletop-based board game. Similar to the offline version, the virtual carrom game available on the MPL app also receives tons of appreciation and love from the masses. This is mainly because the virtual game offers users numerous similarities to the popular orthodox mode. The online carrom game on the MPL app features two different play modes, namely the professional and freestyle modes. Besides this, MPL carrom also features the all-time-popular multiplayer mode, using which individuals can play matches against their friends or family members. Besides this, winning matches in the carrom game on the MPL app also facilitates players to win exciting rewards and prizes. Another reason that contributes to the carrom game’s popularity is its seamless user interface paired with numerous additional in-game features such as in-app chat capabilities, easy-to-master controls, free tokens using which players can play matches, etc. Moreover, players also get the opportunity to participate in exciting in-game events and tournaments that facilitate them to win top-tier rewards.

● Ludo

Ludo is deemed the most popular board game by millions of people worldwide. Ludo is a classic strategy-based board game that can be played by a minimum of two players or a maximum of four players in most cases. The game is played using differently-colored tokens, where the main objective of players is to ensure that their tokens march to the bases before any of their opponents’ tokens. The game originated as Pachisi, which had numerous resembling factors to the modern-day ludo game individuals today. The ludo game on the MPL is a great virtual iteration of the popular board game that facilitates users to have a realistic experience. Out of all the modes that the game features, the classic and multiplayer modes are the most popular ones. Individuals who wish to play ludo for money can opt for the online ludo game on the MPL app, primarily because it offers many exciting rewards and benefits to winners. Besides this, players also get to participate in ludo tournaments and leagues and win top-tier rewards. All users need to do to play the MPL ludo game is download the app, register on the platform, and get started.

● Chess

Fan of the Virtual Board Game Genre? Check Out These Interesting Board Games on the MPL App splash

Another popular board game that is present as a virtual game on the MPL app is chess. The virtual version of the oldest strategy-based board game benefits users in numerous ways. For instance, playing chess enhances the cognitive capabilities of individuals. Besides this, it also facilitates them to improve their strategic-thinking skills and boost their confidence. The online chess game available on the MPL app offers users a realistic experience thanks to its top-tier visual elements and high-quality graphics. Players can indulge in numerous chess tournaments and test their skills against some of the most skilled opponents. Moreover, playing chess on the MPL app also offers users the opportunity to win exciting rewards and prizes. In addition, interactive options, such as the in-app chat functionality, further alleviates the excitement quotient of the game. Overall, the online chess game on the MPL app is a great outlet for enthusiasts to test their chess skills and win exciting rewards.

Any individual who loves playing board games should try the aforementioned virtual board games on the MPL app.