Best Third Party Telegram Apps for Android

If you’re looking for an Android application that will give you an overview of Telegram’s main features, there are a few good options to choose from. These include Graph Messenger, Telegraph Messenger, Nekogram X, and Telefuel. These apps allow you to share and view content with a single click. They also include features that allow you to create playlists and listen to music right in the application.

Graph Messenger

If you want to keep your chats private, Graph Messenger is an excellent choice. With its simple interface and advanced security features, this app can help you protect your conversations from prying eyes. You can hide unwanted chats from your contacts, set passwords to secure chats, and even lock your chats to prevent unauthorized access.

Graph Messenger is based on Telegram’s API but adds some interesting features of its own. For example, it offers a download manager that will let you organize your downloads easily and review them whenever you want. The app also includes a timer so that you can download files only when necessary.

The app also allows you to send bulk messages and manage your Telegram files. Graph Messenger supports a variety of Telegram themes and MODs, which adds more customization options and useful features to the Telegram experience. Graph Messenger also lets you group users and save favorite messages.

Telegraph Messenger

If you’re looking for the best Telegram App for Android, you have a few different options. You can use any number of third-party Telegram apps, including the popular Nekogram X. This app uses end-to-end encryption and has an intuitive interface. It also offers advanced features, such as group chats and video calls. In addition to that, it supports multiple accounts and has a QR code for logging in.

This app has many of the same features of Telegram but has some extra features that make it stand out. For example, it lets you pin the top 100 chats on a single screen, allowing you to quickly get to the conversation. You can also view unread mentions and messages without having to re-enter them. Additionally, you can create playlists and listen to music right in the application.

BGram is a great choice if you want to add an extra layer of security to your Telegram chats. This app supports Tor support and built-in proxy servers, which protect your data while you’re on the go. BGram also allows you to edit your messages before forwarding them to others. It also lets you create links and bookmarks to your messages. You’ll also be able to translate your messages.

Nekogram X

Nekogram X is one of the most popular Telegram add-ons available for Android. Its design is nearly identical to the official application, but it features a few additional options. It allows you to customize the size of stickers, hide the unread message counter, ignore messages from blocked users, and more. Furthermore, you can also use it in tablet mode.

Nekogram X is another Telegram app that uses Telegram’s API and is completely free. You can install it from the Play Store or through a direct link. The developers have also made a Telegram channel for users to stay updated on new updates.

The application also offers features that make it stand out from other Telegram apps. It offers encrypted messages and is available in a variety of languages. You can also create groups and channels with unlimited subscribers. Nekogram X can be used for video calls.


If you are looking for a good third-party Telegram app, you should try Telefuel. It has many great features, including a workspace system that allows you to organize your conversations by workspace and type, unread messages filtering, and more. This app also works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, it has a few limitations. The free version of Telefuel only lets you create three workspaces, and it does not allow you to filter messages by read status. To unlock more features, you need to buy the premium version, which costs $10 per month.

Another great feature of Telefuel is its unquoted forward feature. This feature allows you to forward a message’s content to other chats without having to copy and paste it. In addition, Telefuel also offers clickable links in the bio section of chats, and it also supports GIFs in shared media. Using this application will let you use Telegram to its full potential.