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Relive your life journey from beginning with Bitlife Life Simulation. To enjoy tons twist and turns in your life download Bitlife Mod APK for Android. It is a text based app allows you to make choices in a virtual life.

Turn your phone into a Real Life simulator, with realistic challenges and Opportunities. Do your tasks, be passionate about your goals and take your own decisions. From Your School to College and from Friends to love simulate for the best one. Don’t only focus on getting job done, stay focused to increase your happines.

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Start from Age 0, grow year by year, take decision and make your life. If you are passionate about a goal, then relive to get it done. Implement your Knowledge, Skills and Masteries to become a successful Human being.

Everyone have a different life than others. A human life journey filled with happiness, pain based on the various life events. But your ultimate goal in your life should be stay happy. Do what you want you to do in your life. Follow your passion, Achieve your goals, complete your duties in your life. But always prefer happiness and health over money and better looks.

Minimum Requirements

This is a simulation app but it doesn’t require a high end hardware specifications. You can run Life Simulation on low ram devices. As this game contain many critical decisions and mature ideas hence it is not recommended for Kids. To play this game you have to be atleast 16 year old. App requires minimum Android 6.0 Operating System.

To save your game data Bitlife needs your Storage Permission. You’ll need to allow Internet access in order to check your statistics. Approximate Location and Contacts permission is also required. Allow other minor permission such as Telephone and Run at Startup.

Live a Virtual Life

Bitlife Life Simulator is a Complete Package of life journey with events, decisions, choices, love, pain and happiness. It allows youngsters to live a Virtual Life from the birth. In the journey you have to make choices for that life. These are all text choices. Add 1 year to your life by clicking on Centre Button. Be happy and healthy to be successful in your life.

Bitlife mod apk features unlimited life stimulation and ad free experience. This app compares your Health, Happiness, Looks and Intelligence every year. As you grows your Looks and Intelligence improves but Health and Happiness may decrease over the time due to unusual life events and wrong decisions.

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Main Features of Bitlife Life Simulator

Bitlife app shows every aspect of a life. It features important life events with respect to the time

Family and Background

Your Family and Family Background are the most important factors of your life. Your Parents are your first inspirations. Your Happiness is product of your parents hardwork. Your Childhood events are also baseline in your life. But the age 0 to 10 you are not allowed to take any decisions in Bitlife Mod.

Education and Study

Education is a basic need of life. If you want to succeed in your life then study is the safest way. To get job and earn money in your life education is must. Keep focusing on Education during your teenage. This age attracts us towards other attractions, but it divert focus on the goal. Stay away from such distractions during School days.

Health and Happiness

A good health is the key of a successful life. Both Happiness and Health are the two sides of a coin. If you have a healthy body then you are a happy human. Bitlife Consider Health and Happiness are measure aspects of the life. If you want to improve your Health and Happiness then stay away from bad habits and unhealthy food.

Life Events of Luna Robinson in Bitlife Mod APK

Birth and Family

Age: 0 years
I was born a female in Bristol, United Kingdom. I was a planned pregnancy.
My birthday is February 12. I am an Aquarius.
My name is Luna Robinson.
My mother is Eleanor Robinson, a restaurant worker (age 35).
My father is Spencer Robinson, a Navy enlistee (age 49).
We have a family pussycat named Kelly.
Age: 1 year
Bolivia and the United States have sided against DR Congo in a
hostile business pact.
Age: 2 years
Age: 3 years
I’ve been watching a lot of athletes play sports on TV and wonder
what I’d look like in a baseball uniform.
My cat, Kelly, died after getting into a street fight with another cat.
Age: 4 years
Lately, I’ve found hockey games to be really exciting whenever I see
them on television.
I turned down the cat named Tess that my parents wanted to get
me.Age: 5 years
Thave been enrolled in primary school at Earl Primary School.
Age: 6 years
I was reprimanded for throwing a baseball inside the house so hard
it went through a wall.
My eyesight has been worsening.
My parents took me to the optometrist for an eye exam.
I failed my eye exam!
I picked out some glasses at the optometrist.
Age: 7 years
Age: 8 years
An unsolicited missile attack from Bolivia places DR Congo in war
crisis mode.
I complained to my parents about their wanting to take me on a
family vacation to the Grand Canyon. I went along anyway.
Age: 9 years
On Spider-Man Day, I told my friend that Tobey McGuire is the
quintessential Spider-Man. He was the OG!
Age: 10 years
I have been diagnosed with asthma.
Age: 11 years
I started secondary school at St. Owen’s Secondary School.

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Download Bitlife Simulation mod Apk main screen

Childhood and Primary Education

I thought about joining an extracurricular activity at my new
secondary school but decided against it.
Age: 12 years
My classmate, Daniel, asked me out.
I am now going out with Daniel Jackson.
Age: 13 years
My father has retired from the Navy.
The first ever gaming Olympics have been organized in Kazakhstar
I skipped school and went to attend a juggling class with my
classmate, Layla.
Age: 14 years
My father has been diagnosed with constipation.
I feel much smarter after taking a lesson in chess from a

Teenage and School

Age: 15 years
Daniel has been diagnosed with diarrhea.
My father is no longer suffering from constipation.
DR Congo has completley ravaged Bolivia in all-out war. Bolivia
officially surrenders as a peace treaty is signed in La Paz.
The war left 21,410 dead and another 99,280 injured.Age: 17 years
Daniel and I have been together for 5 years.
I failed my driving test.
Age: 18 years
Daniel graduated from secondary school.
I graduated from secondary school.
I applied to university and was accepted.
My parents agreed to pay my university tuition.
I started a university program in computer science.
Age: 19 years
Daniel began studying marketing at university.
My gut hurt so badly that I had difficulty thinking straight.
I made a doctor’s appointment.
Dr. Martin diagnosed me with the flu.
Dr. Martin treated
I was cured of the flu.
Age: 20 years
I signed up for an Instagram account.
Age: 21 years
I was hoping for a camera for my birthday but instead got a cat.
I apologized for interrupting when I walked in on my parents having drink
and then excused myself and quietly shut the door behind me.

Download Bitlife Simulation mod Apk main screen

Marriage and Career

Age: 22 years
Daniel and I have been together for 10 years.
I graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in
computer science.
Someone told me to shake my money maker, so I shook Daniel.
Daniel Jackson proposed to me with a 0.44-carat diamond ring on a
lakeside hike!
Laccepted his proposal!
Age: 23 years
Daniel graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in
marketing. He started a new position as Receptionist for Sublime
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how incense is just air

Overall Bitlife Life Performance

  • Happiness: 95%
  • Intelligence: 47%
  • Health: 81%
  • Looks: 52%

Download Bitlife Mod APK for Android

Experience a Life Journey from Birth to death in Bitlife. It is a Virtual Life Simulator with realistic twists and turns. It offers a text based life Simulation experience with premium features unlocked . Download latest version of Bitlife mod APK from above download link.