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NameApp Cloner
Minimum RequirementAndroid 7.0

Many times it is required to simultaneously use multiple accounts for a service. App Cloner app let you clone any Apk for multiple accounts. Make two or more versions of a app for Android.

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If you want to use Multiple Social media accounts for you and your company then make a clone of that app. With this tool you can clone any installed app in a click. This is ad-free version of the official app.

This app not just copies original app as it is, it adds multiple tweak to the original app. There are many additional tools you can use while Cloning a app. Basically it creates a different APK file of the same app that you need to Install in your phone.

Original app and Modified app can be installed simultaneously on one device. More than 2 copies can also generated of a single app. But Google Play Services can’t be used with the cloned app as these apps are signed by using other certificates.

App Cloning Icon Options

  • Change Icon Colour: Select a Colour to replace original launcher icon colour. You can also Invert original colour to easily identify cloned app.
  • Replace Icon: You can completely change app icon of clone with this feature. This feature is not available in the free version. You can buy premium version to enable this feature.
  • Flip or Rotate Icon: If you want little bit different icon than original one then Flip or Rotate icon in 90 or 180 degree.
  • Add Text: You can add text Badge in original app icon to look professional. Text should be 3 to 7 letters long to match icon Size.
  • Keep Original Icon: Simply keep original app icon for temporary cloning.
App Cloner Pro APK + MOD splash

App Cloning Core Options

  • Privacy: Add Password, Fingerprint protection or add tricky lock like Calculator or Error Message. You can also remove access to certain permissions.
  • Display: In this section you can change status bar, Navigation and Toolbar colour. Add Dark Mode, Rotate lock and PIP mode support in the app.
  • Media Options: Set Initial volume, disable microphone, disable vibration, disable Camera in Media Options.
  • Navigation: This section is for changing original navigation options. Change options such as Volume Key actions, Shake action, Fingerprint action and Back button action.
  • Network: Manage all network types like Mobile and Wifi. You can also Disable Mobile, Wifi and Ethernet connection with this App Cloner Pro.
  • Storage: Allow Installation on External SD card, Disable Media access, Clear Cache and allow backup
  • Developer Options: In this section you can use advanced options like debugging. This options are not made for normal features so use it carefully.
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Premium Features

With premium features you can make a completely customised app clone. To get access of it you need to make donations to the developer.

  • Change Android I’d
  • Change IMEI/IMSI
  • Prevent Screenshot detection
  • Allow Dark Mode
  • Change Views
  • Trust all certificates
  • Joystick