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16 December 2021
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NameAmong Us
Apk Packagecom.innersloth.spacemafia
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Mod FeaturesUnlimited mod

Among Us is a space adventure and action game for Android. Explore unlimited possibilities with your crew in a spaceship. Build a space station in the space by completing alloted tasks and return to the earth safely with all the Crew members.

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Play as a Crew Member to help your team for a successful mission. Complete all your alloted tasks to help your friends. Otherwise play as a Impostor to disturb the mission. Kill all the Crew members one by one to end the mission. Don’t let them identify you, find crew a member alone, close the doors and Kill him.

Minimum Requirements

Among Us is a Simple, Lite online multiplayer game for Android devices. Any Smartphone running Android 5.0 and more can Install this game. As it is not a heavy game a low end device with 3GB RAM can easily handle this game.

As this is a online multiplayer game you will need a continuous and stable internet connection. WiFi is recommended during the online games. Allow Internet, WiFi and Storage Permission conveniently install Among US mod apk in your phone

Story and GamePlay

Players in the Among Us game are either a impostor or crewmate. Many online multiplayer game events are arranged 24×7 at Among Us Servers. Players can choose a game based on the number of impostor in the match. There will 1,2 or 3 impostor present in a game. Upto 15 members can be added in a spaceship. Aim of all the crewmembers is to complete the tasks for a successful mission. But there are few impostor trojan horses in the ship who are trying to kill other crewmembers. Find them as soon as possible and kick them out of the ship.

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Among Us is a game of betrayal and teamwork. Explore all the rooms and sections of spaceship. To move a object you can use two types of controls that are Joystick or Touch controls. There is a personal map provided to each of the player to navigate in the Spaceship safely. To find out impostor call for emergency meeting as soon as possible after any suspicious activity. In emergency meeting talk with other crew members and take voting to find out the impostor. Find all impostor and save your ship.

To control member you can either choose Joystick or Touch controls.

Main Features

Play With Online or Offline Friends

In this multiple game you’ll need 9-10 local friends to play offline using WiFi. Host a game and ask all your friends to join the game. If you want to play with your online friends located anywhere then host a private game and invite all friends by sharing secret codes.

There are Public games are also available where anyone can join to play with unknown players. In a Public game there will be upto 14 Crewmembers and Upto 3 impostors. Join a game according your impostor number preference. Higher number of impostor means a difficult level to play. Initially start with a 14+1 game to win easily.

Emergency Meetings and Votings

This is most important part of the game. Any alive Player can call for an emergency meeting to find out impostor. If a player observe any suspicious activity, dead body or system failure then he should immediately call for an emergency meeting. In an emergency meeting all players can chat with each other about the incident finally there will be a voting to find out impostor.

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In Voting each player will get a chance to identify impostor. Time allotted for voting 120s. During this period chat with other crewmates for correct voting. A player who will get maximum votes will be kicked out of the ship. Avoid blind Voting otherwise you will loose your innocent crew member.

Play As Impostor

In this mode you can be a human in Among Us. Every game can be hosted with 1-3 impostor. Impostors are dangerous for Crew members and overall space missions. When Playing as impostor your aim damage the mission as much as possible and show that you are innocent. Kill Crew members and blame others for these deaths. Destroy Power Chamber and make spaceship unstable so that mission will be aborted.

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To play as a Impostor you have to join a online game. Select a game with multiple impostor. Make sure you act like a crew members to fool other players. Caught a player in a room, to kill him close doors to cut oxigen supply. Kill other players, Disturb the mission and win the game.

Play As Crew Member

When you are playing as a Crew member then you are exactly doing opposite of the impostor. Your main aim is to find impostor to save our space mission. To identify you have to follow instructions of the authority. Immediately report dead body and possible threats so that a emergency meeting will be arranged.

Among Us MOD APK screenshot

During emergency meeting chat with friends about possible impostor. Vote carefully to find impostor , Don’t loose your Crew Member by wrong decisions.

Download Among US mod Apk for Android

This game is developed by Supersonic Studio ltd. Save your space mission by identifying annoying impostors. Find and Kick out them from your sheep. Join with members and do teamwork for a successful space mission. Download latest version of Among US mod APK for Android.