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25 February 2021
Android 5.0
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App Name4G LTE Switcher
Size40 kb
DeveloperKliksob Network
Similar AppGo Launcher
AlternativePlay Store

4G Switcher

4G Switcher is a Very Useful and Trusted app to Switch to 4G only mode on any Android Phone. This is the latest version in 2021.

4G Switcher APK For Samsung and Other Below Android 10 Phones


4G Switcher is a free android app that allows you to force Your Smartphone to 4G only Mode. This app is Very much user friendly as it doesn’t contain any ads. App is very Small in Size, It is just of 40Kb. even also it doesn’t consume single byte ram background.

4G Swither App For Android 11 and Redmi and Realme Phones

This small and adfree app is very useful for 4G smartphones. If you’re living 4G Network Covered area and using a 4G Android smartphone then app is for you.

This app works well on Smartphone of most of the Popular Brands like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony and Many others.

There are many apps Which have same Functionality, but that all apps have disturbing advertisements. 4g Switcher is the only app that Switches Your Smartphone to 4g without any ads.

This application is useful for 4G Covered areas. All Smartphone Manufacturers provides Auto network mode ( 4G/3G/2G Auto mode). But if 4G Coverage in Your area is low, then Your network automatically gets shifted to 2g or 3g. Hence You are enable to enjoy high speed internet. Don’t worry You have a option 4g Switcher. Just Install this app and switch to Lte only mode.
By using this app smartphones are forced to be on 2G / WCDMA / HSDPA / 3G networks

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Many network providers does not have VoLTE i.e Calling on 4g. Hence when you are using 4G only mode You may not receive your Calls. Hence Test incoming calls after installing this app.

Points to consider before installing this app:
1. This application will not work if there is no 4G network in your area
2. This application will not work if the smartphone does not support the 4G.
3. Please try first I always wait for the ratings and reviews Thank you.

4. This app may not work on some Phones

How to use 4G Switcher on Samsung

  • Download 4g Switcher Apk file form above Link
  • Install this apk file with the help of any file browser app
  • open 4g Switcher app.
  • You will find a option ” Set Your Preferred Network Type”
  • Select LTE only.
  • You can also select WCDMA only to switch to 3G only mode.
  • This app will work on most of the Samsung Devices. But this app will not work on many Lollipop powered Samsung Devices.
  • Samsung phones like J3, J3 pro, Doesn’t Support this app.

4G LTE Switcher Does not required any special permissions.

More About App

This app is developed by Kliksob Network. 1.0 Version of app is now available for Download. This is a popular app downloaded more than one Million times on Play Store. This app was updated on 5 June 2017. No Special Permissions are required to use this app.

What’s Next

  • Download android Apk file from above download button.
  • Install and Open 4G Switcher
  • You Will Find a menu containing choices like GSM only, WCDMA only, WCDMA Preferred.
  • Select LTE only
  • That’s it Your Smartphone is now forced To 4G Mode
Switch To only 4G Mode

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